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What is the Clinical Residency Program?

As per the American Physical Therapy Association, a Clinical Residency Program is a planned program of post-professional clinical and didactic education that is designed to advance significantly the physical therapist's preparation as a provider of patient care services in a defined area of clinical practice.

How many credits will I earn in this program?

You will earn 16 credits.

Do you need to be a licensed PT in order to apply to the Clinical Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

You must be a licensed physical therapist in the state that you may be employed during your mentored clinical experience. The sites are located in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. You do not need to be licensed to apply to the program, but you must obtain licensure by the start of the program.

Are students prepared in this program to take the Specialist Certification Examination given by the APTA?

Yes, upon graduation you will be prepared to sit for the clinical specialist exam in orthopedic physical therapy offered by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Is it possible to work toward the Clinical Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy degree on a part-time basis?

The program is full-time and is 12 months in length. You are required to be employed in a physical therapy department or practice and mentored 30 hours each week. Didactic coursework will include 2-3 hours each week plus an 11.25 hour weekend course 4 weekends during each of the 3 semesters. You are mentored by a physician 2-4 hours each week and may assist in NYU DPT courses as a lab assistant 3-4 hours per week.

How many years of PT experience are required?

New graduates or professionals with several years of experience are encouraged to apply.

What is the cost of tuition?

Please see the Office of the Bursar for tuition rates.

Are health benefits offered by the clinic that employs me during my residency?

Yes. Clinical sites are required to offer health insurance to residents.

What will my salary be? Can I work additional hours at the clinic?

As usual, salary will vary in the different clinical sites. The salary would be reduced from the salary earned by a full-time physical therapist because of the reduced hours of work. You may work additional hours at that particular clinical site or any other as you see fit. Salary will be calculated based on the equivalency of hours worked as compared with that of a full-time therapist.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Like any other matriculated graduate student you would be required to file the FAFSA form and your individual needs will be assessed. Keep in mind that any prior student loan payments would be suspended during the 12 months of your study in the program.

Do students have resources to study in the department?

The computer center, the library, and other study resources are available in the department. Students often meet at the department to study and or work on their group assignments.

Are faculty members available, experienced, and knowledgeable?

In addition to regular office hours, our faculty is friendly, approachable, and has an open-door policy. Faculty offices are located adjacent to lecture rooms to provide easy access to students. Physical therapy faculty members are highly qualified in their areas of expertise and practice. They are well-published and have authored physical therapy textbooks, articles, and book chapters. They continue to practice and often enhance their teaching with examples from their clinical experiences. Students are given individualized attention. 

Do all students live on campus?

Students can apply for graduate student housing through the NYU Office of University Housing.