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FAQ for BM in Music Theory and Composition with Concentration in Scoring for Film and Multimedia

What is Screen Scoring?

Screen Scoring refers to any music written for media that is shown using a screen. It refers to music written for movies, television, streaming shows, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, phone applications, advertisement, documentaries, multimedia experiences, and many more!
In the past, we used to call that film scoring, but this is too inaccurate right now.

Can I double major in Instrumental Performance and Screen Scoring?

Students cannot double major in two different music programs at Steinhardt. However, the undergraduate curriculum is flexible enough to allow for private instrumental lessons and performance opportunities. In addition, students can take any performance-related courses.
Similarly, instrumental performance majors can take Screen Scoring classes, and private composition lessons.

Do I need to have previous experience in music production?

No, as an undergraduate student, there are no music production requirements. During your studies here, you will master the necessary programs to assist you in your professional development.

Do I need to play a specific instrument to apply?

No. Please refer to the audition guidelines - you will perform on the instrument of your choice.

Is experience in scoring necessary before enrolling?

No. Our curriculum will provide you with the skills you need to write for media, regardless of your background. 

Are transfer student portfolio requirements the same as regular applicants?

Yes. Please refer to the audition guidelines.