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Higher Education Doctoral Programs Webinar

Learn about the EdD and PhD programs in higher education at New York University. Prospective students will obtain information about the application process, admissions criteria, and the curriculum.

Areas of Study: Education

After Statewide Teacher Evaluation Reform, Low-Rated Teachers Leave Struggling Schools: Study Finds

New research by Luis A. Rodriguez finds that statewide teacher evaluation systems have proven to phase out lower-performing teachers and retain more effective teachers for longer periods of time.
Areas of Study: Education

How Active Shooter Incidents Off Campus Lead to Guns on Campus

New data analysis from Liang Zhang, an NYU Steinhardt professor, and his colleague finds several factors including recent mass shooter incidents impetus for bill introduction.
Areas of Study: Education

Expanding Opportunity for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe: An Interview with RoseMary Clairmont, Online EdD Student

In Indian education, there is work being done, and RoseMary Clairmont, online EdD student, is invested in doing it.
Areas of Study: Education

Professors Create Free Research-Backed Games to Train Your Brain

University professors from New York and California designed and developed three digital games to help its users’ brains work more efficiently.
Areas of Study: Education

Leadership and Innovation in the Age of Acceleration:  An Interview with Jesse Jackson, Online EdD Student

Jesse Jackson serves as the head of Firmwide Learning and Talent Solutions for JPMorgan Chase. We discussed NYU Steinhart’s online EdD in Leadership and Innovation program with him.  
Areas of Study: Education

In and of the World: Counseling@NYU Students Find Community Online and at NYU Accra

Ambar Gomez and Katherine Lizardo became friends through their online Counseling@NYU program. The two enriched their studies with a trip to NYU Accra to study Global Perspectives in Higher Education.
Areas of Study: Education Health

Learning How to Create Change in Higher Education: An Interview with Felipe Henao, Online Student

An interview with online EdD student, Felipe Henao, executive director of Student Life, Health & Wellness at Mercy College.
Areas of Study: Education

Bilingual Education

Prepare to work with students from diverse linguistic and educational backgrounds through a career as a K–12 bilingual education teacher or researcher.

Steinhardt Researcher Looks at "Academic Apartheid" in Affluent California School District

In “The Segregation of ‘Failures': Unequal Schools and Disadvantaged Students in an Affluent Suburb,” published in JESPAR,, Sean Drake shows how the hidden institutional practice of segregating low-performing students in an affluent Southern California adversely affects black, Latinx, and working-class students. 
Areas of Study: Education
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