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English Education

BS, Teaching English, Grades 7–12, Initial Certification

Prepare to become a skilled English language and literature educator for middle and high school students through course work and student teaching.


MAT, Secondary Education, Initial Certification

Teacher Residency

In just over one year, you’ll earn your MAT through an immersive teacher residency experience paired with technology-enhanced course work.


MAT, Teaching English, Grades 7–12, Initial Certification

Transformational Teaching

Pursue your initial teaching certification in English, grades 7–12, through extensive course work, school-based fieldwork, and supervised student teaching.


MA, Teaching English, Grades 7–12, Professional Certification

Learn new skills, theories, and strategies for teaching English to secondary and high school students through rigorous course work and content specialization.


MA, Teachers of English Language and Literature in Colleges, Non-Certification

Prepare to work as an English teacher in private and community colleges, teachers’ colleges, and community settings in this non-certification program.


MA, Teaching English and Teaching Students with Disabilities, Grades 7–12, Initial Certification

Explore deep English content knowledge and pedagogical methods that address the needs of students with disabilities and other learning challenges.


MA, Educational Theatre, Grades K–12, and English Education, Grades 7–12, Initial Certification

Gain initial teaching certification eligibility and learn pedagogical methods and drama strategies for the teaching of theatre, reading, writing, and language arts.


PhD, English Education

Build your career as a university researcher, English curriculum specialist, or English teacher educator in post-secondary school systems.


Minor, Teacher Education

Explore a career as a classroom teacher or in fields such as psychology, advocacy, or social work through the study of education and human development in this undergraduate minor.

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