Post Professional Master of Arts

Degree Requirements

Each student takes a core set of graduate level courses in occupational therapy theory, research methods, and clinical practice. The remaining courses can be taken either from Department of Occupational Therapy electives in such areas of assistive technology, cognition, neurology, orthopedic, pediatrics, and rehabilitation or from electives in other New York University schools, divisions, and programs including special education, applied psychology, nursing, curriculum and instruction, and other related fields.

This 30-credit program may be completed in one year of full-time study (Fall, Spring and Summer), depending on your course selections. Course selection is made by advisement on an individual basis to design a course sequence that meets the student's unique needs and interests.

Department Core Courses (18 credits):

  • New Student Seminar OT-GE 2000
  • Research Methods in Occupational Therapy OT-GE 2025
  • Research Interpretation of  Occupational Therapy OT-GE 2725
  • Health Advocacy & Administration OT-GE 2750
  • Theoretical Foundations for Intervention OT-GE 2762*
  • Developing a Guideline for Intervention OT-GE 2763
  • Ethics and Analytical Reasoning OT-GE 2764

OT Electives/University Electives (12 credits): By advisement.
(See possible OT electives below. Others are by advisement.)

  • Cognitive Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2744
  • Geriatrics Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2749
  • Mental Health Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2745
  • Neurological Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2743
  • Orthopedic Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2741
  • Pediatric Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2748
  • Rehabilitation Evaluation & Intervention OT-GE 2742
  • Electives in such fields as assistive technology, special education, applied psychology, curriculum and instruction, social sciences, and related areas

For course descriptions, see NYU Steinhardt's Graduate Bulletin.

MA/OTD Single Admissions Option - This option allows therapists with a bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy to apply directly to our clinical doctoral degree program and earn a master's degree during the educational process.