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The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Womxn and Work Taskforce is composed of administrators, faculty, staff, and student employees of all levels at NYU Steinhardt. This group is open to womxn and gender-expansive people at the school and has come together to discuss gender inequities and propose solutions and policy changes to better support the community.

Members of the Task Force

Anat Lubetzky

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Justine De Persia

Associate Director, Student Leadership & Engagement

Janet F. Alperstein

Assistant Vice President, Global Academic Planning

Kate Legnetti

Assistant Dean, Academic and Registration Services

Lisa M. Stulberg

Associate Professor of Sociology of Education

Maria Williamson

Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

Mara Mills

Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication; PhD Director

Marni Vassallo

Director, Advising and Student Success, NYU Steinhardt

Melissa Bonaparte

Associate Directory of Residency Programs and External Relations

Nija Monet Leocadio

Assistant Director, Graduate and Inclusive Engagement and Services

Niobe Way

Professor of Applied Psychology

Rebecca Brown

Senior Associate Director, Academic Affairs

Rochelle Brown

Administrative Aide

Teress Nugent

Associate Director, Advising and Student Services

Usheevii King

Program Director, Center for Faculty Advancement