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Sandbox Percussion Seminar

Hosted by the NYU Steinhardt Percussion Studies Program, the Sandbox Percussion Seminar offers the opportunity to study, rehearse, and perform side-by-side with Sandbox Percussion and NYU Steinhardt Professor Simon Boyar. Through daily rehearsals, coachings, and workshops, participants will develop core chamber music skills, and learn to create a 21st-century musical career.

The 21st century has changed the music making landscape. Aspiring musicians are now required to posses an entirely new set of skills to have a successful career in the performing arts. Nowhere has this been felt more than in the area of percussion. As the 20th century came to a close, percussion began to take a leadership role at the forefront of relevant creative compositional ideas. As a result, an entire generation of composers and performers adopted a new way of thinking and approach towards music making that was fundamentally geared toward the inclusion of a competent and strong percussionist. Thousands of new works were written and a new "standard repertoire" ultimately began to take shape.

It is now standard practice for these masterworks to be programmed in concert halls and universities throughout the world. However, it is not yet common that aspiring musicians possess a thorough understanding and mastery of the skill sets needed to go beyond "making it through" a performance, as well as the entrepreneurial skills required to create and sustain a career. By and large, students have not yet become truly fluent in the current required performance language. This program seeks to provide students with an opportunity to learn how to become fluent and build a foundation in the "modern world."

While pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the percussion repertoire is certainly a cornerstone of the modern world, nothing is possible without a foundation. In a very short yet intensely focused period of time, the Sandbox Percussion Seminar will provide students with a foundation, and in doing so will give them the most meaningful chamber music experience of their lives. Through constant rehearsal preparation alongside artist faculty members, students will learn what it feels like to be set free in performance. The art of chamber music making is ultimately about fluency and freedom. Through chamber music, students will learn the ultimate set of skills to not merely survive but thrive in the 21st century.

The Seminar will feature:

  • Influential Guest Composers and Percussionists including special guests Jason Treuting (So Percussion) and Robert Honstein
  • masterclasses and private lessons with faculty
  • an in-depth study of the percussion repertoire
  • performances by faculty and guest artists
  • a culminating performance with the faculty at National Sawdust (Brooklyn, NY)
View a complete list of current NYU Percussion facultyFor more information about studying at NYU, please visit the Percussion Studieswebsite.

Minimum age allowed in NYU on-campus housing for a MPAP Summer Program is 15 years old.

  • Housing is not required, students may commute and will not be charged for housing/meal plan. Residential students will be housed in Weinstein Hall.
  • Summer housing application instructions are provided to admitted students only.
Meal Plan
  • Students staying in housing are required to have a meal plan (automatically assigned to student accounts when assigned a room in a residence hall).
  • 10 meals and 30 Dining Dollars per week (if desired, admitted students can increase meal plan)

Move In Date: July 29, 2018
Move Out Date: August 4, 2018

Costs and Fees
 US StudentsInternational Students
Application Fee (paid at the end of Acceptd application) $55 $55
Tuition Cost $850 $850
Housing and Meal Plan (if on-campus) $425 $425
Programming Fee  $80 $80
Health Insurance Not Applicable $355 Comprehensive Plan

Accepted students will confirm their attendance once they have paid the enrollment deposit (detailed instructions provided in acceptance email). Residential students will have successfully registered for housing once they have paid the housing deposit and completed the housing application (sent via email after student confirms their attendance).

$150 Enrollment deposit:
  • Accepted applicants will make an enrollment deposit of $150 in order to confirm their attendance to their NYU MPAP Summer Program. Payment instructions are provided within the initial acceptance email.
$500 Housing deposit:
  • If staying in on-campus housing, students are required to pay a $500 deposit to reserve a space in housing.
  • The housing deposit is a portion of the housing charges, and is NOT a separate or added fee.
  • The housing deposit is applied to any housing charges on your bill. Any excess balance remaining will be applied to tuition fees or refunded to the student.

Please note: Application Fee, Enrollment Deposit and Housing Deposit are not refundable.

Paying the remaining balance

After paying the deposit(s), students are responsible for paying the remaining balance prior to the start of the program. While the remaining tuition may be posted immediately after deposits are made, the remaining housing bills are not sent until 2 weeks prior to the start of the program. Payment by credit card is not accepted by the Bursar's office to pay remaining balances, please contact the Bursars Office directly for questions about payment.

All fees, tuition and housing costs are charged to the students eSuites (online student billing system and personal account) via the NYU Bursars Office. Read instructions on accessing the eSuites account.

For information, see the Summer Finances page.

All communications and admission decisions are provided via email (email account used when application was created).

Many program directors make admission decisions on a rolling basis once a completed application is received. However, applicants can expect to receive a final admissions decision email no later than two weeks after the final application deadline date.

Scholarships will not be provided to attendees of this summer workshop.

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