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Journal Entry Management System (JEMS) Transfer Requests

Expense Management

The Journal Entry Management System (JEMS) was developed through a collaboration between the Office of the Controller and NYU IT to improve the internal controls relating to the creation, approval, and validation of “Actuals” journal entries posted in the University’s general ledger (FAME). Through a JEMS transfer request it is possible to move all, or a portion, of an expense from one account to another. The JEMS application is accessible from the Work tab in NYUHome.

How To Request a JEMS Transfer

  • Fill out the JEMS Request Template
    • Account (e.g. 65182, 63210, 63109. Please refer to the Account Lookup Tool for a full listing of OTPS and transfer codes that may be used for a JEMS request)
    • Fund (e.g. 10, 20, 21, 22, etc)
    • Org code (e.g. 55003, 56110, 56370, etc)
    • Program code (if applicable, required for Fund 21)
    • Project code (if applicable, required for Fund 20 and 22)
    • Amount
    • Increase/decrease
    • Description (Note that only the first 30 characters will be displayed in UDW+)
  • The department bearing the expense should send the completed JEMS Request Template in an email to and include a description of the reason for the JEMS transfer. Questions to consider are the following:
    • What is being moved and for what purpose?
    • Where is it now? Where does it need to go?
  • Additional email attachments should include:
    • Proof of department approval
    • Budget Summary Reports for related funds

The Steinhardt Finance team will reply with a confirmation email when the transfer has been submitted.

For additional information refer to the JEMS Training Guide or contact the Steinhardt Finance team at