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Reconciling Petty Cash Account

Expense Management

To Reconcile Petty Cash Account

The fund custodian is responsible for maintaining the Petty Cash Fund Log at all times and making it available for an annual, random inspection by the university’s Internal Audit team.

The Petty Cash Fund Log and the Petty Cash Fund Reconciliation Form must also be submitted to on the following dates:

  • December 20th
  • April 30th
  • June 30th
  • August 25th

To Close Petty Cash Account

To close a Petty Cash Fund, please follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Replenish the fund so that the cash on hand is equal to the fund’s limit.
  • Complete a Transmittal for Funds to be Deposited form (available in hard copy only at the bursar’s office) to deposit all the cash on hand to chartfield 10350-10-00000.
  • Take the cash and the completed Transmittal for Funds to be Deposited form to the Bursar’s Office and deposit the cash.
  • Email the documents listed below to and for processing.

An email notification will be sent to confirm when a fund has been closed.