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Dr. Marilyn Moffat on What to Look for in a Physical Therapist

Professor of Physical Therapy Marilyn Moffat recently spoke with The New York Times for a piece exploring tips for assessing a potential physical therapist.

A champion of physical therapy treatment grounded in research, Dr. Moffat described the importance of selecting a physical therapist who uses evidence-based approaches such as exercise intervention.

Whether it’s patients with cardiovascular disease, whether it’s patients with diabetes, whether it’s patients with orthopedic problems or fibromyalgia or neuromuscular disorders or falls or frailty or obesity, the literature out there in terms of exercise interventions is so strong for every single one.

Dr. Marilyn Moffat

Dr. Moffat also described the initial exam as a critical moment in the process of selecting an effective physical therapist to work with.

The most important thing is what the therapist does with their initial exam. Do they really take the time initially to examine what’s going on and then determine what’s most appropriate for that patient?

Dr. Marilyn Moffat

Read the full piece courtesy of The New York Times.

Marilyn Moffat

Professor of Physical Therapy
A person tests their walking using physical therapy equipment

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