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Physical Therapy students attend a class lecture

Affiliated Research Laboratories

Physical Therapy

Following is a list of laboratories that are affiliated with the NYU Steinhardt Department of Physical Therapy.

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Laboratory VA Medical Center

New York, NY
This laboratory conducts research in the development and application of computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies in prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics. This work includes quantitative characterization of the spatial geometry, morphology, and tissue mechanical properties of residual limbs of amputees, and limb segments of patients wearing orthoses.

Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation

East Orange, NJ
The Human Performance and Movement Analysis Laboratory at the Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation was designed to explore human movement, understand the movement of persons with disabilities, and pursue the advancement of rehabilitation therapy for improvement of mobility, and ultimately, the quality of life. Currently, the Laboratory is conducting research in the following areas:

  1. Gait of persons with disabilities in order to develop mathematical models of their gait;
  2. Assessment of the mechanical efficiency of gait of individuals while wearing prosthetic and orthotic devices;
  3. Assessment of biomechanical and metabolic efficiency of wheelchair propulsion;
  4. Effectiveness of Botox injections on lower limb spasticity during gait using dynamic electromyographic analyses;
  5. Gait analysis of elderly patients with joint replacements;
  6. Upper limb recovery of motor function;
  7. Assessment of the use of virtual reality in stroke rehabilitation.