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PhD, Rehabilitation Sciences

In order to complete the PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences, you must take 48 points (or credits) of coursework. Your program of study consists of 18 points of core research methods courses, 8 points of content area courses, 16 points of electives, a 3-point research colloquium, and a 3-point dissertation proposal seminar.   

Degree Requirements
A. Core Research Methods Courses 18
APSY-GE 2073: Research Design and Methodology in the Behavioral Sciences I 3
APSTA-GE 2001: Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences I 3
APSTA-GE 2002: Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences II 2
An elective Qualitative Research Course 3

Quantitative / Qualitative Research Methods

You will select these courses depending on your interest and advisement. Courses may include:

  • APSTA-GE 2004: Advanced Modeling I: Topics of Multivariate Analysis       
  • APSTA-GE 2016 Topics in Adv. Quantitative Methods: Factor Scoring and Practical Issues in Scaling
  • RESCH-GE 2140: Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry                                         
  • ASPY-GE 2835: Research Using Mixed Methods                                                   
B. Content Area 8
An elective Bioethical Course 3
REHAB GE 3005: Trans-disciplinary Patient Based Management 3
Grant Writing in the Health Fields 2
C. Electives 16
Select 16 points of courses from the following programs, by interest and advisement: Teaching, Applied Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music and Performing Arts Professions, Art and Art Professions, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Nutrition and Food Studies, College of Global Public Health, College of Nursing 16
D. Research Colloquium 3
REHAB-GE 3006: Rehabilitation Sciences Research Seminar 3
E. Dissertation Proposal Seminar 3
RESCH-GE 3001: Dissertation Proposal Seminar 3

Additional Requirements

As a student in this program, you will:

  1. Complete all related points as determined by the program and mentor with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 prior to candidacy and in compliance with all Steinhardt doctoral polices
  2. Meet specialized program standards in English competency and scholarly writing
  3. Advance to Doctoral Candidacy through completion of two publishable papers, each mentored by a different faculty member at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development or Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center 
  4. Identify and officially appoint a doctoral dissertation committee in accordance with Steinhardt faculty policy
  5. Fulfill all conditions for filing a dissertation proposal
  6. Complete and defend orally a doctoral dissertation

Steinhardt School policy requires all full-time doctoral students to complete their degree requirements within eight years of the date of matriculation.