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PhD Students


PhD, Food Studies

Doctoral Curriculum

This curriculum is an example. All course requirements are determined in consultation with the student's adviser.

Foundation Courses (9 Credits)

FOOD-GE 2017 Contemporary Issues in Food Studies 

FOOD-GE 2033: Food Systems 

FOOD-GE 2191 Food and Culture 

If equivalent courses have been taken previously, you may select other graduate-level food studies courses.

Cognate Study (3 Credits) - By Advisement

Cognate studies are graduate courses taken outside the student's department that are relevant to the area of research. They may be taken in Steinhardt or any of the university's other graduate schools where permitted, such as the Graduate School of Arts and Science, the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and the Tisch School of the Arts, or at other universities in the doctoral consortium.

Research Methods Courses (9 Credits)

  • Research Methods courses offered by Department or School

  • Research Methods courses offered by other schools at NYU or as part of the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium

  • Prerequisite courses to research methods courses

  • Fieldwork seminars

  • Foreign language courses

  • Other research skills courses

Proposal Seminar (3 Credits)

TCHL-GE 3001 or TCHL-GE 3002 Dissertation Proposal Seminar

Department Doctoral Seminar (3 Credits)

FOOD-GE 3400 Departmental doctoral seminar (1) 

Students need to register for this course for either 0 or 1 credits every semester they are matriculated. 

Specialization (9 Credits) - By Advisement

Other courses, as needed - By Advisement

Total Credits: 54**

Matriculation is required in any semester in which a student is not registered for at least one 3-point course

**Students matriculating with previous graduate work or master's degrees may be held for fewer credits as determined in consultation with an adviser.

Degree Requirements

Academic prerequisites: Some preparatory academic work may be required in addition to the minimum specialization requirements for the degree; the need for such work is determined in consultation with an adviser.

Expectations of doctoral students:

  • Departmental participation in research and service
  • Engagement in research project development
  • Teaching as an assistant in 1st year, shared or responsibility for a class (2nd year)
  • Candidacy examination and grant proposal in 2nd year
  • Work with a primary mentor and secondary adviser

Dissertation requirements:

  • Departmental candidacy examination, which includes a written and oral examination.
  • Preparation and defense of a research proposal.
  • Development and completion of a doctoral research project.
  • A written thesis (dissertation) on the project.
  • A final oral examination on the dissertation research.