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MA Food Studies/MSLIS, Library and Information Science

Required Courses

Food Studies Courses:

  • FOOD-GE 2000 Current Research in Food Studies (1 credit)
  • FOOD-GE 2017 Contemporary Issues in Food Studies (3 credits)
  • FOOD-GE 2033 Food Systems (3 credits) 
  • FOOD-GE 2039 Food Policy and Politics or FOOD-GE 2015 Food Policy (3 credits)
  • NUTR-GE 2215 Nutrition in Food Studies (3 credits) 
  • FOOD-GE 2191 Food and Culture (3 credits)
  • FOOD-GE 2061 Research Applications (3 credits) 

Library Science Courses:

  • LIS 510 Introduction to Library and Information Science (3 credits)
  • LIS 511 Information Sources and Services (3 credits)
  • LIS 512 Introduction to Knowledge Organization (3 credits)
  • LIS 514 Introduction to Research in LIS (3 credits)
  • LIS 785 Internship (4 credits)


Elective Courses

Food Studies Electives:

  • 12 credits of Food Studies courses (4 courses)

Library Science Electives:

  • 12 credits of Palmer elective courses (4 courses)

See a full list of course descriptions for Food Studies graduate classes. For a list of MSLIS courses, see Palmer’s online course system. Select the term, the department (Library and Information Science), and course level (graduate) to view a list of current course offerings. MAMSLIS courses are taught at the NYU Washington Square Campus. All MSLIS courses meet at NYU’s Bobst Library

Students transfer nine NYU credits to Palmer LIU and eight Palmer credits to NYU to complete the required credits for the two degrees.