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The program consists of a total of 38 credits, of which 65% are required core and methods courses; 4 credits are devoted to completion of a one-semester capstone project, and the balance are composed of electives as determined by the students’ choice of concentration.

Students who are selected to be fellows in the Columbia University Center for Public Research and Leadership program complete the same requirements but follow a modified sequence of study in their final semester. Please consult your academic adviser for more information.

Required Foundation Courses in Sociology and Economics: 9 credits

Required Courses in Statistics and Methods: 13 credits

Required Final Project Capstone-Practicum Class: 4 credits

The Capstone-Practicum course is taken during the third semester in the program for full-time students or during the fifth semester for part-time students. Students work in teams to design and perform a research study. Projects are designed and written for a particular “clientele” in the policy community. Throughout the tenure of their project, students are expected to consult with faculty who have relevant expertise in appropriate fields of research specialization.

As an alternative to the Capstone-Practicum course, students may apply to participate in the Center for Public Research and Leadership during their final semester of full-time study and to complete their capstone requirements through their fellowship program.

See examples of recent Capstone-Practicum projects.

Electives: 12 credits

Students can choose electives in a number of subject areas, but students need not choose all three electives from one subject area.

Elementary and Secondary Education Issues
Higher Education Issues
Early Childhood and Preschool Issues
Race, Class, and Education Issues
International Education Issues
Additional Methods Courses