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Education and Social Policy

MA, Education and Social Policy

Rooted in economics and sociology, this master’s teaches you how to use statistics, data sets, and research results to formulate, implement, and evaluate educational policies for grades K-12 and higher education.



Leanna Stiefel

Professor of Economics; co-Director Education and Social Policy Masters Program

Joseph Cimpian

Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy; Co-Director of the Education and Social Policy Masters Program

Meryle Weinstein

Research Associate Professor of Education Policy

Dominic Brewer

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Education, Economics, and Policy

Affiliated Faculty Members

Stella Flores

Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity; Associate Professor of Higher Education; Director of Access and Equity, Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy

Alejandro J. Ganimian

Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology and Economics (Goddard Fall Leave 2020)

Jennifer Hill

Professor of Applied Statistics

James Kemple

Executive Director of the Research Alliance for NYC Schools; Research Professor of Teaching and Learning

L'Heureux Lewis-Mccoy

Associate Professor of Sociology of Education

Luis Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Education Leadership

Richard Welsh

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies