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Physical therapy students attend a class lecture


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Do you need to have a bachelor's degree in physical therapy in order to apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program? 

No. As long as you have received an undergraduate degree from an accredited university (minimum 3.0 GPA) and have successfully fulfilled the requirements listed in the admissions section, you may apply to the DPT program.

Is it possible to work toward the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree on a part-time basis? 

The DPT program is structured as a 3-year, full-time experience.

Do students work part-time during the academic year? 

Some students work part-time to help finance their education. They work in sports centers, as personal trainers, or as physical therapy aides. 

Do students find time and resources to study in the department? 

The computer center, the library, and other study resources in the department facilitate studying in school. Students often meet in groups to study and or work on their group assignments.

Are faculty members available and helpful? 

In addition to regular office hours, the physical therapy faculty is friendly, approachable, and has an open-door policy. Faculty offices are located adjacent to lecture rooms so that easy access to faculty is facilitated.

Are faculty members experienced and knowledgeable?

Physical therapy faculty members are highly qualified in their areas of expertise and practice. They are well published and have authored physical therapy teaching textbooks. They continue to practice and often enhance their teaching with examples from their clinical experiences. Students are given individualized attention. In addition, faculty members are active in the professional organization (APTA), and they encourage students to participate by example.

Are there facilities for sports and recreation? 

Within walking distance is the University's state-of-the-art sports center, the Palladium. Most students work out, as groups or individually, either in the Palladium or in the Coles Sports Center (located in Washington Square). Students are encouraged to balance studies with recreation.

Do all students live on campus? 

Some students live in graduate students' dorms, some rent apartments in groups of 2-3, and others commute. During the first year, most students live on campus and make other arrangements in subsequent years.

Do students get along well with each other? What is the classroom environment like? 

Students get to know each other and establish a friendly and collegial relationship. Study groups and group projects encourage students to work together rather than compete with each other. The classroom experiences prepare students to work in teams. The small class size and low student to faculty ratio makes learning enjoyable.