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Global Media Scholars Program

BS, Media, Culture, and Communication

It was the best year of my life. I can feel how different I am after the year: much more confident, street smart, knowledgeable about other cultures, open to new things.

Global Media Scholars Alum

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication's Global Media Scholars (GMS) program immerses students in the study of media through NYU's academic sites abroad. The program features a combination of courses and global experiences that allows students to analyze the dynamic range of activities associated with the globalization of media and culture.

Freshmen will be invited to apply to the Global Media Scholars Program each spring. The program involves a two-semester sequence of study beginning the spring of sophomore year at either of NYU's campuses in Paris or Prague, followed by a second semester abroad in the fall of junior year at either of NYU's campuses in Buenos Aires or Shanghai.

Students then enroll in a special Senior Media Seminar capstone during the fall term of their senior year. This capstone experience is taught by an MCC faculty member in NYC, followed by travel to a third NYU global site over the January intersession. The Department funds student airfare, lodging, and excursion costs during the Senior Media Seminar capstone trip over the January term.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will fulfill the Global and Transcultural Communication concentration within the major and will earn a certificate of completion.

Application Deadline: August 1

GMS Sites

Details about the Global Media Scholars Program Sites.

GMS Year-by-Year Guide

The Global Media Scholars Year-by-Year Guide for the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication.

photo of Line Sidonie Talla Mafotsing

Hola! My name is Line Sidonie Talla Mafotsing and I studied abroad at NYU Buenos Aires as part of the Global Media Scholars Program. I was originally born in Cameroon, but I have lived in many different countries, with my family currently residing in Madagascar. As a Global Media Scholar, I am very much interested in the representation and underrepresentation of people of color around the world and its intersectionality with other minority communities. As an aspiring investigative journalist, I plan to use my experience with GMS and apply the things I learned in my future endeavors. 

photo of Nirathi Alluri

Dobry Den! My name is Nirathi Alluri, and I studied in Prague. I'm from Hyderabad, India and I enjoyed being able to experience education in not just New York, but also two unique study abroad sites via the Global Media Scholars Program, which is one of the reasons I applied to be a Media, Culture, and Communication major. Highlights included brunching my way through Prague, finding the perfect tea house to study in, and learning about the history of this country. With a camera and passport in my hand, I loved traveling and photographing the beautiful Central European art and architecture one cobblestone street at a time!

photo of Alanna Bayarin

Nǐ hǎo! My name is Alanna Bayarin and as a Global Media Scholar, I spent semesters in Paris and Shanghai. I grew up not far from NYU’s New York campus, so I jumped at the opportunity to study away with the GMS program. In Paris I ate too many macarons and baguettes, witnessed and participated in one of the biggest French elections in history, and toured different parts of Europe. In China I tried to experience as many different aspects of Chinese culture as possible. My experience with the GMS has already opened so many doors landing me a summer internship with the International Media department at Warner Bros. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and look forward to the adventures that are up ahead! Zàijiàn!