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Media, Culture, and Communication

Students enrolled in other undergraduate majors and schools at New York University are welcome to minor in Media, Culture, and Communication. Our department engages the sociological, political, and cultural dimensions of our media landscape. The program’s diverse faculty encourage MCC majors to think broadly and deeply about topics at the intersection of media and culture.


Degree Details

Official Degree Title

Minor in Media, Culture, and Communication

Full-time or Part-time

The requirements for the 16-credit minor include enrolling in two of our core courses and two four-credit courses listed under our Areas of Study. Please note that you must take all four classes to complete the minor within the MCC department. Transfer courses from other institutions will not be accepted.

If you wish to declare a minor in Media, Culture, and Communication, you must meet with an MCC academic advisor to discuss course selection and enroll in restricted courses. Please consult with an advisor from your home department and school before meeting with an advisor from our program.


If you have additional questions about our degree, please contact us at

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Media, Culture, and Communication

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