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How to Apply
BM, Music Technology

All prospective and transfer students must apply for admission to NYU Steinhardt before submitting an artistic portfolio. Apply for undergraduate study.

If you are a current NYU student interested in the Music Technology Program, please review the information for internal transfer students.

Submit Your Artistic Portfolio

The artistic portfolio provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your musical skills and talent. Although it is not necessary for you to be an advanced performer to enter the Music Technology Program, a basic level of musicianship is required. Shortly after you submit the Common Application you will receive a personalized link to the Artistic Review Portal to submit your materials. We recommend that you submit your Common Application one month prior to the posted admissions deadlines to ensure a smooth submission process of all required materials.

For your artistic portfolio, use the best-quality video and audio recording devices available to you. If you are using built-in recording features on a cell phone, tablet, or computer to record, please do so in a quiet and well-lit space. Please submit three work samples that show the breadth of your interest in music and technology as well as a document describing each work sample. Additionally, you must submit a resumé as a separate PDF. Note that the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 5GB, however, you may optionally submit a link to an external website that is hosting your file (see below).

Sample #1

Sample #1 should be video recorded as if you are at a "live" audition. It should be about 3 minutes in length and feature you performing live in any musical style you like, using any type of musical instrument(s) of your choice including keyboard, percussion, wind, or string, or your voice.  An EDI (electronic digital instrument) is acceptable as well and should include the use of digital or analog synthesizers and/or computer software with or without controllers in a live performance setting. 

Start Sample #1 by stating your full name, the date, and the program and degree you are applying for (Music Technology). 

We strongly encourage you to perform in the musical idiom that best represents your sincere musical interests and background, and welcome performances that draw from all musical cultures and styles.

  • Note 1: Use of a pre-recorded backing track to perform with is acceptable for Sample #1, but it should still contain a continuous un-edited “live” performance. 
  • Note 2: If you are a multi-instrumentalist and would like to make the sample #1 video with multi-windows showcasing you playing different instruments simultaneously, it is acceptable although please make sure that you satisfy the Note 1 above.
  • Note 3: If you use an EDI as your main and only instrument, you may consider providing additional information (e.g. demo of how you build up your performance in the software, explaining self-built patchers, etc) in a video format as a sample #2 or 3.
  • Note 4: The song you perform in Sample #1 can be a ‘cover’ song. Please indicate the composer and the title of the song in the accompanying document. (Original song is not required.)

Samples #2 and #3

Samples #2 and #3 can be in a wide variety of formats (e.g., audio, video, document, music score, website link). For example, these samples can include music you've recorded, composed, and/or performed; a personal website; examples of technology you've developed (e.g., software or hardware); or anything else that highlights your skills in music, music technology, or STEM. If you are submitting a website link, upload it as a separate PDF file containing a clickable link.

  • Note: We highly recommend you submit a variety of musical works and/or other artistic or scientific projects in samples #2 and #3, rather than variations of the same or similar work. 

    For example, it would be helpful if you submit electronic music compositions or performances if Sample #1 is performed with traditional instruments (such as piano, wind instruments, percussion, string instruments, and/or vocals), or vice versa, if you play both. 

Naming Files

Please title each file using the following rules:
NYU [Program Name] Sample #[number]: your name, date
Example: NYU Music Technology Sample #1: Jane Smith, 1/1/2020

Portfolio Description

Additionally, you must submit a PDF with a brief description of each of your submitted samples. In this document, you must list each sample by number followed by text describing what each sample contains. Tell us a little about the context of these samples: if we're listening to a recording, whether you were the producer, engineer, performer, composer, or a combination of roles. If we are looking at a piece of software you've created, what does it do, and what programming language did you make it in?


In addition to the materials listed above, you must also submit a resumé in PDF format.

Artistic Portfolio Deadlines

  • November 1: Fall early decision I and Spring transfer applicants (internal and external)
  • January 1: Fall early decision II
  • January 5: Fall regular decision
  • March 1: Internal Fall transfer applicants
  • April 1: External Fall transfer applicants