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Anne Cronin Mosey Lecture: "Choosing Wisely: Implications, Challenges, and Controversy" with Dr. Glen Gillen

In accordance with the latest NYU Coronavirus policy, this event is canceled.

Areas of Study: Health

CSD and Nutrition Students Team Up for Iron Chef Competition

What do mashed potatoes, black bean soup, and coconut flan have in common? Not only are they foods easy for individuals with dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, to consume, but they are also dishes recently prepared by master’s students from the NYU Steinhardt Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders and Department of Nutrition and Food Studies taking “Interdisciplinary Case-Based Management in Dysphagia.”
Areas of Study: Health

Physical Therapy DPT Information Session

In accordance with the latest NYU Coronavirus policy, this event will take place remotely.

Areas of Study: Health

Occupational Therapy Master's Program Information Session

In accordance with the latest NYU Coronavirus policy, this event is cancelled.

Areas of Study: Health

In and of the World: Counseling@NYU Students Find Community Online and at NYU Accra

Ambar Gomez and Katherine Lizardo became friends through their online Counseling@NYU program. The two enriched their studies with a trip to NYU Accra to study Global Perspectives in Higher Education.
Areas of Study: Education Health

Singapore Ministry of Social and Family Development Visits Dr. Sudha Arunachalam’s LEARN Lab

Representatives from Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development recently visited Associate Professor Sudha Arunachalam’s Language Experience and Acquisition Research at NYU (LEARN) Lab to incorporate her expertise into their recommendations about children and language for Singaporean parents.
Areas of Study: Health

Global Perspectives in Occupational Therapy

We sat down with the most recently graduated MA in Occupational Therapy cohort, composed of students from the Philippines, Taiwan, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, and beyond, to discuss their experience joining together in New York City as classmates.
Areas of Study: Health

Meet the Physical Therapy Department's Oldest Living Alum

Trudy Schwarz is the department’s oldest living alum at age 100. Her advice for students at the beginning of their careers? “Stay active and interested physically and mentally.”
Areas of Study: Health

Researchers Identify New Tool to Help Transgender Women Find Their Voices

For transgender women, developing a voice that matches how they choose to present their gender identities can be a challenge. CSD alum Deanna Kawitzky and Associate Professor Tara McAllister identified a new avenue for conducting voice modification therapy for transgender women.
Areas of Study: Health

What We Are Learning: The Science of Human Connection

The Science of Human Connection meets twice a week and teaches students how the natural and social sciences tell a five-part story about who we are as human beings, and what gets in the way of our humanity.
Areas of Study: Health
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