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Students working on Art Therapy project

Student Experience

MA in Art Therapy

Highlighted Projects

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Art Therapy Student Exhibition, 2021

Inside Out

Featuring work by: Aveek Dhar, Jasmine Ebron, Julia Ennis, Daniele Gentile, Jessica Goldman, Mira Kheyman, Jinyoung Kim, Yuko Kyutoku, Alfred Lee, Hyomi Lee, Rachel Levine, Chenwei Lin, Shirin Mazdeyasna, Kyle Mckeen, Alexsander Milenkovic, Zaineb Qureshi, Tom Smith, Soma Vajpaye, Jennifer Warpool, Queenie Wong, Sayu Yamazaki

Cover of Creative Kitchen book with bowl or vegetables and hands.

Creative Kitchen is a collaboration between the Department of Art and Art Professions and Department of Nutrition and Food Studies.  

Graduate Art Therapy students (Jessica Goldman, Amanda Hartwell, Wannha Klinpun, Kyle McKeen, Kirara Miyahara, Gabriella Romero, Leesa Tabrizi, Jennifer Warpool) developed arts based social emotional activities for families. Our BFA Studio Art students (Maya Beverly, Anna Fleury, Hyunyoung Mia Park) created illustrations. 

Students from Nutrition and Dietetics contributed low cost, healthy recipes. Especially in these times of despair, the power of creation shines through with possibilities. This book will be distributed to all New York City public schools and also available to the public. 

Learn more about this project.
Download a copy of Creative Kitchen

Internships and Research


During your first semester you will participate in Clinical Observation. This course combines classroom learning with a fieldwork component that will prepare you for your internships. You will then do a Clinical Internship throughout your second year where you can expect to work in hospitals, outpatient centers, rehabilitation facilities, community organizations, schools, and private mental health clinics. 

Learn more about MA Art Therapy Internships


In addition to coursework and internships, students in Art Therapy will complete a substantial thesis project that demonstrates both theoretical knowledge and accumulated clinical experience. Upon completion of the thesis, you will present your work in a mini-conference. This is a full-day event, and student presenters are encouraged to invite family, friends, and colleagues.

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Brain Storm, The Art of Resilience, January 8-16, 2020

Each year there is a culmination event that highlights a collaboration between the MA Art Therapy Program and The Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinson's Movement Disorders of NYU Langone Health. An exhibition is presented to celebrate the art therapy sessions and works by patients. 


NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium

The NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium aims to advance public knowledge and research in the creative arts therapies. Building upon NYU’s historical and well-regarded leadership in the creative arts therapies, this Consortium offers a venue for collaborative inquiry and continuing education about innovations in the arts therapies and the arts in healthcare.

Learn more about NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium.

Art Therapy Events

Throughout the year, there are events for MA Art Therapy students that include book signings, conferences, lectures, and community collaborations. These events highlight the work of faculty, students, and alumni and bring together diverse communities of art therapists. 

Information Sessions

Every year there are a number of Information Sessions on site and online for prospective students. These sessions will give insights into the program, its requirements and what to expect from the program.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning about upcoming dates.