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NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium

NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium

The NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium and international research alliance aims to advance public knowledge and research on the arts in health, care, and wellbeing. Building upon NYU’s historical and well-regarded leadership in the creative arts therapies, this Consortium offers a venue for therapeutic innovation, collaborative inquiry, and continuing education.

Consortium Leadership

List of the NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium Leadership

LCAT Continuing Education Units

The NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium offers continuing education opportunities for licensed creative arts therapists (LCAT) and interested professionals.

International Research Alliance

The NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium leads an international research alliance of eight universities with doctoral programs in the arts therapies.

News and Events

The Spaces Between: Equity, Voice, Agency, and Care in the Arts

A year-long online seminar series featuring practitioners and researchers from fourteen countries take up the question of how the arts and arts therapies can promote equity, voice, agency, and care.

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Jasmine Edwards on Turbulence

Jasmine Edwards wrote an article in the journal "Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy."

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Nine is a therapeutic multimedia theatre piece created by Lotus Collective in collaboration with the Survivor Leadership Coalition and the NYU Program in Drama Therapy.

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Barbara Hesser Co-Edits Music as a Global Resource Compendium

Its publication is in honor of the 75th anniversary of the UN.

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New Steinhardt/Langone Research Published on Art Therapy and Parkinson's Disease

This groundbreaking, innovative study is the first paper exploring the effects of art therapy on Parkinson's Disease in a medical peer-reviewed journal utilizing clinical, behavioral, eye tracking, and brain connectivity outcomes.

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