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Critical Compassion

Critical Compassion reflects the idea that our responses to people should be shaped out of the belief that all humans are deserving of dignity and understanding. It is critical in that critical compassion fuses concepts of empathy and mercy, seeing human discipline as less about punishment than character building.

What does Critical Compassion look like?

Using these principles to guide student academic support, especially disciplinary policies.

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How can GSAs support critical consciousness?

How can Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) support advocacy, health, and critical consciousness? Read On the Ground's Q&A with Dr. Paul Poteat, Dr. Hiro Yoshikawa, and Sarah Rosenbach.

Suspending Suspensions: Time to Reexamine Discipline in Schools in the Age of COVID-19

Social, emotional, and economic disruptions are ravaging American families and schools should look to ameliorate rather than exacerbate the educational disruption of the pandemic. Suspending suspensions is a reasonable step in that direction.