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NYU Metro Center’s 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference: Past, Present, and Future Announces its Initial Conference Workshops


NYU Metro Center’s 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference: Past, Present, and Future aims to broaden knowledge and intentionally break fresh ground in the development of an inclusive educational system that invites all of our children to achieve their best possible academic, socioemotional, and cultural development. The 2023 Equity Conference will push the boundaries of what educational equity means, and for whom, and will share research, practices, strategies, and tools with attendees that can be shared with colleagues on how different education equity leaders can play a role in improving beliefs, policies, and practices in schools, districts, regions, and greater school-wide communities.    

To that end, the theme of NYU Metro Center’s 2023 Equity Conference is decolonizing education, wellness and sustainability in leading equity efforts, in addition to equity-based practices that districts and schools have developed and sustained.

The 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference Committee is excited to announce its initial Conference Workshops, scheduled for June 2nd, 2023 in New York City.

These interactive, informative, and equity-focused workshops are among the highlights of the 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference. The findings, insights, and recommendations coming out of these sessions shall be remarkable.

The 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference includes the following workshops:

  • Healing Spaces to Sustain Equity

Panelists include: Dr. Wenimo Okoya, Director, Center for Strategic Solutions at NYU Metro Center

During this panel, moderated by Dr. Wenimo Okoya, she will present on the intersection of healing-centered engagement and CRS-E. Panelists will have a conversation about how to redesign a school system that allows educators to sustain a career as equity-centered educators. The audience will have the opportunity to experience anti-racist well-being practices and create a collective vision for incorporating into their work at their schools. 

  • Getting to Equity by Centering Youth Voice

Panelists include: TBA

As student leadership is a critical part of our work, students in this session will be discussing a variety of topics in regards to their experiences both as key stakeholders and leaders in the journey to an equitable education. Students will discuss the relationship between CR-SE and youth work and its importance in building critical consciousness. Participants will gain insight on the student perspective, authentic adult allyship, and the relationship between CR-SE and youth leadership.

  • Experience Learning: An Intergenerational Community of Practice on Learning Outside of The Classroom

Panelists include: Patricia A Ryan-Canedo, Director, College Prep Academy/1199 Workforce at NYU Metro Center, Yolanda Fordham, Director at NYU Metro Center, Liberty Partnership Program, Noor Jones-Bey, Director, EXCEL Academy at NYU Metro Center

The Youth Development Career and College Readiness Unit at NYU Metro Center offers this interactive community of practice to engage in a series of intergenerational activities and reflections centering the importance of experiential learning as a means to address issues of equity and social justice. Participants will explore multidisciplinary and multimodal pedagogical tools to engage skill building, civic participation and future planning that are grounded and informed in youth voice, research and art practice over many years. Through the use of humanizing pedagogical tools for educational inquiry and practice, participants will engage in rich discussion to critically examine the persisting tensions between in school and out of school learning as a means to find deeper partnership between traditional and non traditional spaces of academic learning. Other issues discussed will include how students, teachers and youth development programs navigate various and often conflicting expectations throughout the school year. 


  • Equitable Practices: Supporting the Implementation of Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Education for English Language/Multilingual Learners

Panelists include: TBA

Researchers have noted that language acquisition principles for English Language Learners require a supportive culturally and linguistically responsive environment. In culturally and linguistically responsive practice, teachers employ interactive and collaborative learning activities that draw from students’ references and previous experiences to help them make connections to new learning. This helps educators create supportive, nurturing places where language is learned through meaningful tasks and authentic interactions. Participants will learn about the many different activities offered by the NYS Statewide Language RBERN (Regional Bilingual Education Regional Network) to support Culturally Relevant Sustaining Education (CRSE) for English Language Learners for educators, school leaders, and others.


NYU Metro Center invites you to submit proposals for the 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference (PEC)

The PEC Conference Committee welcomes proposals that reflect forward-facing ideas and bold approaches to transforming educational practices, beliefs, and policies, as well as underscore the pressing imperative to improve and strengthen equity and social justice efforts.    

We will select presenters who can help attendees gain knowledge and skills that are necessary to advancing equity in either classrooms, schools, and districts, and provide sessions that will create practical applications of these understandings in 65-70-minute workshop/training presentations.

If the proposal is being submitted as a team effort, one member may submit the form, however, all members in the proposal should be listed.

The NYU Metro Center Conference Committee requires that all presenters complete the 2023 Conference Proposal Form here.

Note: The Prioritizing Equity: Past, Present, and Future Conference Proposal form must be completely filled in its entirety and submitted by the submission deadline, Friday, March 24th, 2023 by 11:59 PM (EST).

Pre-Registration for the 

2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference is now open

  • For those individuals looking to attend the NYU Metro Center’s Prioritizing Equity Conference on June 2nd, please register here.

If you have any questions about NYU Metro Center’s 2023 Prioritizing Equity Conference: Past, Present, and Future, please contact Demiana Rizkalla via email here.