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Center for Strategic Solutions

Center for Strategic Solutions (CSS) provides tactical support, applied research, and collaborative problem-solving to schools in the United States and abroad as well as agencies outside education. The central focus of our work is helping organizations to implement strategies that close equity gaps and lead to the improvement of student outcomes. CSS works to enhance the capacity of schools, districts, and other agencies through the co-construction of policies and practices that are designed to both meet the specific learning needs of students and respond to environmental challenges that impact child development and student achievement. If you are interested in partnering with the Center for Strategic Solutions, please contact

Who We Serve

In K-12 Schools:

  • Teachers
  • Leaders
  • District staff
  • School boards

In Colleges and Universities:

  • Teacher education candidates
  • Teacher education staff and faculty

Beyond Education:

  • Social Workers
  • Boys and Girls Clubs and after school programs
  • Non-profit organizataions
  • For-profit companies
  • Law-enforcement


CSS Mission

The Center for Strategic Solutions (CSS) is dedicated to developing and sustaining equity in the classroom and beyond. CSS provides research-based, targeted technical assistance to schools and school districts seeking to improve student outcomes.

Our belief is that an equitable and just society loves and invites its members to be their authentic selves and openly reflects on how disparities and historical oppressions contradict the principles of social justice. Our team works to promote this reflection by building the capacity of schools and districts to challenge assumptions and embedded bias, breaking down barriers to student success. Our focus is to draw from the local context in order to:

  • Build intentional relationships;
  • Leverage the assets of students in instruction;
  • Deliver rigorous instruction that engages all students; and
  • Develop students’ critical consciousness to confront and challenge the existing social order of race, power and privilege in school and society.


CSS Core Values

  • Love: Teachers learn to love all children, as our children and our children’s success is what matters.
  • Justice: Teachers learn to create and maintain classrooms where no one student or group of students is privileged over another.
  • Equity: Teachers learn to create and maintain equitable classrooms where every student has everything they need in order to be successful, happy, and thrive.
  • Reflection: Teachers develop anti-bias and culturally sustaining practices that feature critical reflection to reduce and eliminate inequities from the classroom.
  • Authenticity: Teachers develop anti-bias and culturally sustaining approaches for creating safe classroom cultures where students—regardless of race, ethnicity, language background, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression—can be their authentic selves.
  • Critical Pedagogy: Teachers develop anti-bias and culturally sustaining practices that ignite both critical consciousness and academic skills development of students through rigorous, engaging instruction.

Our Team

Wenimo Okoya

Director, Center for Strategic Solutions

Ana Catalina Duque (she/her/ella)

Senior Project Associate TAP for Equity

Nakeeba Wauchope

Equity Coach and Consultant

Luis Alejandro Tapia (He,Him)

Equity Coach + Consultant, CSS

Régine Romain (she/her)

Equity Coach + Consultant, CSS

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