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Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools

What's Happening at NYU Metro Center

The Liberty Partnerships Program at NYU Metro Center Empowers and Inspires Student Artists with Public Photo Exhibition

NYC High School students are inspired to become more conscious of both their surroundings and their own perspectives. The Liberty Partnerships Program at NYU Metro Center empowers student art through digital photography.

A Special Edition of NYU Metro Center’s Voices in Urban Education (VUE) Focuses on Queer and Trans Youth Resistance Within Oppressive Systems

VUE, NYU Metro Center’s open-access journal, examines queer and trans resistance to epistemic, political, and social control within educational systems, as well as what strategies may be necessary to subvert the structures that exclude and censure them.

The Impact of NYC Department of Education’s New "Reading Mandate" on Children, Especially Those From Vulnerable and Historically Marginalized Communities

What harm is inflicted upon traditionally marginalized students when they are made to engage a curriculum that is not culturally responsive? This article examines the implementation of NYCDOE’s new “Reading Mandate”, and the conundrum that results from Black, Brown, Indigenous, & LGBTQ students engaging in a culturally destructive curriculum.


Culturally Responsive Inventory for Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, and Clinicians Webinar

How can practitioners be more conscious of the bias and structural inequalities their clients endure?

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MLC's 2023 Facilitative Leadership Seminar

Metro Learning Communities (MLC) welcomes all educators including lead teachers, coaches, district/network leaders and aspiring leaders, who are interested in supporting excellence and equity in education through collaborative...

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Metro Center Perspectives

“Zero Consequences” vs. “Zero Tolerance”: The Function of False Binaries in School Discipline Policy Debates

What are the best responses to poor student behavior to maintain order in schools? In this blog post, Dr. Rachel Lissy examines the history of discipline policy in New York City Schools, and demonstrates how discipline reforms are often driven by politics, not pedagogy, and too often are designed with highly racialized impacts and intentions.

Intended Consequences and Explicit Bias: The Roots of Racialized Disproportionality in NYC Discipline Policy

The history of the "principal's suspension" in New York City highlights the ways in which disproportionality was neither unforeseeable nor solely the result of educators' beliefs or practices. In this blog post Dr. Rachel Lissy explores how systemic neglect in the City's publicly funded social services made disproportionality predictable and inevitable.

The Power of Restorative Justice In Our Schools: Testimony in Support of New York State’s Solutions Not Suspensions Act

How does restorative justice allow us to reimagine community, and create critical pathways to sustainable school improvement? In this blog post NYU Metro Center’s Reed Swier shares his professional insights as both school administrators and equity trainer to underscore the implicit value of restorative practices, and his public testimony in support of NYS’s Solutions Not Suspension Act currently before the State Senate.

Voices in Urban Education

VUE is an open-access journal published twice annually and endeavors to serve as a “roundtable-in-print” by bringing together diverse education stakeholders with a wide range of viewpoints, including leading education writers and thinkers, as well as essential but frequently underrepresented voices in educational scholarship, such as students, parents, teachers, activists, and community members.

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