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Student and Teachers in the College Prep Academy


Leading-edge research is critical to the construction of knowledge necessary for providing resources to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and policymakers who are on the front lines of efforts to find solutions to the challenges confronting schools and other entities of education. Research is also important for transforming thought and perspective, adding crucial evidence to debates about how to best achieve equity in education.

The Center Provides:

  • Comprehensive research
  • Rapid response data and analysis
  • Program and systems evaluations
  • Policy analysis

The research provisions are geared to help schools, districts, communities, community-based organizations, regions, states, and so on uncover hidden knowledge, explore root causes, and better understand the complex processes contributing to educational inequities. The Center's research apparatuses also:

  • Investigate promising programs
  • Evaluate supplementary educational programs
  • Contribute to the theories and knowledge of the fields
  • Nurture future scholars

Thus, our work promotes inquiry at multiple levels aimed at expanding knowledge of issues that impact school improvement, teaching and learning, school reform, and education equity.

Voices in Urban Education

VUE is an open-access journal published twice annually and endeavors to serve as a “roundtable-in-print” by bringing together diverse education stakeholders with a wide range of viewpoints, including leading education writers and thinkers, as well as essential but frequently underrepresented voices in educational scholarship, such as students, parents, teachers, activists, and community members.

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Research Areas

Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education

Culturally Responsive-Sustaining education is intended to help education stakeholders create student-centered
learning environments that affirm cultural identities and foster positive academic outcomes.

Discipline and Disproportionality

Disproportionality represents one of the most significant problems in education. The results of decades of research show that students of color, particularly African American students, are at increased risk for exclusionary discipline practices.

Linguistic Justice

linguistically plural students face unbelievable consequences in educational spaces. This research explores language not as an addition but as a critical component of education.

School to Prison Nexus

School to Prison nexus analyzes continuous states of incarceration that span across home, school, and prison for vulnerable people.

Youth Engagement and Leadership

Youth engagement a leadership explores how participation contributes to growth in critical consciousness (CC) and developmental competencies (DC) associated with school engagement and later postsecondary outcomes

Family Engagement and Leadership

Our researchers working collaboratively to develop novel, engaging, participatory, and culturally responsive ways to explore family engagement and leadership


Critical research that explores the impacts of segregation as well as the impacts of integrated schools spaces