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Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

Cover image of Voice in Urban Education - Issue 49

VUE is an open-access journal published twice annually and endeavors to serve as a “roundtable-in-print” by bringing together diverse education stakeholders with a wide range of viewpoints, including leading education writers and thinkers, as well as essential but frequently underrepresented voices in educational scholarship, such as students, parents, teachers, activists, and community members.

Each issue of VUE is organized around a theme and strives to provide cutting-edge analysis of a vital issue in urban public education. Formats including visual arts, articles, interviews, video and written documentaries, poetry, and autoethnographies.

Recent Issue: With All Deliberate Speed: Reimagining Integration from a Racial Equity Frame

Editor’s Introduction

With All Deliberate Speed: Reimagining Integration from a Racial Equity Frame

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Taking Up the Mantle on a Forgotten History: New York City Integration

This article suggests that roads to integration and desegregation are two long, forked, rocky paths that lead can to greater educational opportunity for students.

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Reclaiming My Humanity: How I Became A School Integration Advocate

This article shares an inspiring story of how an open heart can become a bridge between cultures and a powerful space for reimagining structures of oppression.

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Whose School Integration?

This article reimagines the place of integration in the struggle to advance equity in education.

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A Conversation with Hebh Jamal

This conversation explores what it means to be a youth activist in the struggle for education equity.

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A Conversation with Faraji Hannah-Jones

This conversation provides a glimpse into the life of a parent advocate who promotes integration, starting with the choice he and his wife made concerning where to send their daughter to school.

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“Diversity Without Displacement"

The article examines the experiences of Black and Latinx families across New York City to explore routes to prevention of cultural displacement as City schools undergo seismic demographic shifts as a result of gentrification.

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Choices We Can’t Believe In: Race, Schooling, and the American Dream

In this reprinting of his 2010 study on “the hidden of costs of school choice,” Dr. David E. Kirkland suggests that integration is a matter of conditions that give true choices.

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In 2018, NYU Metro Center acquired the journal Voices in Urban Education (VUE). VUE was initially launched in 2003 and was housed at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. 

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