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Vision-Driven Interrogations of Dominant Narratives 


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Editor's Introduction

We must ground education, virtual and otherwise, in a cultural view of learning and human development in which multiple expressions of diversity are recognized and regarded as assets.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

"I am more than just a box"

Drawing on the concept of Latinidades, the authors suggest that culturally sustaining education for Latinx students necessitates problematizing the boundaries of this term altogether and making visible the tensions and multiple axes of oppression around what it means to be Latinx. They take inspiration from Latinx students who are challenging bounded notions of culture, and instead foreground questions about equitable practices of schools.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

An Unwavering Commitment To Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education & Social Emotional Learning

This paper demonstrates the process of providing social-emotional supports with a culturally responsive lens. Without a culturally responsive-sustaining lens, social and emotional supports can lack the trust and connection needed to meet students where they are while acknowledging their unique identities and cultures.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

The Struggle

This essay clearly defines the boundaries and permeability of the work, looks for various entry points, and explicitly addresses adults’ mindsets. For educators looking to dismantle or challenge white supremacy in schools, the work can feel overwhelming but, through deliberate strategies, the work is always possible.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

Self-Work before Toolkits

This interview highlights how Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education can be utilized to address inequities in urban schools. It discusses the importance of positive teacher identity as a prerequisite for effective CR-SE and Dr. Sealey-Ruiz’s framework of the Archeology of Self.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

The Potential of CR-SE for K-12 Computer Science Education

This interview examines the close connection between equity and computer science, and Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education. The conversation provides insights into how leaders in computer science enact CR-SE practices in their work.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

The Journey of a Culturally Responsive Teacher Educator

This interview explores what it means to be a culturally responsive teacher educator in today’s world and why it is crucial to advocate for a culturally responsive and sustaining education for all students.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

Culturally Responsive and Sustaining STEM Curriculum as a Problem-Based Science Approach to Supporting Student Achievement for Black and Latinx Students

This article explores what happens when students experience informal STEM learning spaces as positive ones that enable them to develop a sense of agency, voice, and academic achievement.

Voices in Urban Education (VUE)

#NormalNeverWorked: The Fight for Black Liberation in the context of Education and COVID 19

Interested in the ways that COVID-19 has disrupted the normalcy of oppression and inequity, and the possibilities for Black liberation in this new context, we sat with educators and asked them to consider the urgency and possibility of now in the context of ongoing racial uprisings, persistent anti-Blackness, and the global impact of COVID-19. While the disproportionate impacts of everyday educational violence on Black students, educators, families, and communities continue to be overlooked, these educators offer hope and a way forward, one rooted in the humanizing love that CR-SE and Black liberatory practices offer.

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Voices in Urban Education (VUE) features articles and other works of scholarly and general significance to a wide range of interests and communities who experience urban education through a variety of entry points.