NYU Metro Center promotes equity and opportunity in education through engaged science work: applied research, program evaluation, policy analysis, community engagement, and professional assistance to educational, governmental, and community agencies serving vulnerable populations. NYU Metro Center is mission driven, as spelled out in our theory of action and logic model.  


NYU Metro Center engages staff and personnel from more than 700 school districts across New York State, impacting thousands of people including 15,204 in parenting and community engagement, 12,442 through curriculum alignment, 71,920 through instructional strategies, 13,160 through comprehensive implementation and assessment, 10,814 through teacher development, 11,484 through programs designed to promote understanding and implementation of standards and academic content, and over 20,000 through conferences, workshops, and special events. 


Born of the dream of achieving equity in public education, NYU Metro Center was founded in 1978 by NYU Professor LaMar P. Miller. Miller's vision was to examine and find solutions for the problems facing the country's public schools, especially as they affect low-income and minority children.

Subsequent to Dr. Miller, Dr. Pedro Noguera--over the course of 12 years--grew the center and advanced its mission and work, forging NYU Metro Center into one of the nation's leading organizations committed to educational equity and school transformation.    

Today, NYU Metro Center is nationally and internationally renowned for its work on educational equity and school improvement. It brings together scholars, educators, and innovators from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on a range of projects to strengthen and improve access, opportunity, and educational quality across varied setting, but particularly in striving communities.

The Center also boasts a broad and bold research agenda that touch topics ranging from girls and juvenile justice to the education, language, and literacy of men and boys of color. Research activities also include (but are not limited to) topics on the impacts of poverty on student learning, multilingual education, school climate and discipline, disproportionality, gender identity and gender presentation, restorative justice, PBIS, RTI, culturally relevant education, "over-the-counter" students, SIFE/SLIFE, abilities and special education, diversity and integration, and so on. 

Throughout its history, NYU Metro Center has been dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and social justice for all children. For nearly four decades, NYU Metro Center has been a partner and resource for schools and school districts throughout the U.S. and beyond, including in Detroit, Denver, Houston, Pittsburgh, San Juan, Washington, D.C., and Wilmington. Its professional development programs prepare teachers, school leaders and staff, and parents to improve school culture and climate, reduce referrals to special education, and better support the unique needs of students, such as emergent bilingual students, students across a range of abilities, LGBTQIA children and youth, and students from vulnerable backgrounds. Its research initiatives inform the policy and intervention communities on how educational reforms will impact the most vulnerable populations in and beyond our school systems.

Today, NYU Metro Center is a flourishing tree with strong, flowing branches and deep roots.  

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Office New York City
Executive Director David E. Kirkland
Staff Over 100
Annual Revenue Approximately $17 million
Funding Sources Over 25
Projects 64


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