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History, Mission, Vision, and Values


Born of the dream of achieving equity in public education, NYU Metro Center was founded in 1978 by NYU Professor LaMar P. Miller. Miller's vision was to examine and find solutions for the problems facing the country's public schools, especially as they affect low-income and minority children. As one of the nation's leading organizations committed to educational equity and school transformation, NYU Metro Center now sits under the visionary leadership of Dr. Fabienne Doucet, and brings together scholars, educators, and innovators from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on a range of projects to strengthen and improve access, opportunity, and educational quality across varied settings, but particularly in vulnerable communities.


We advance equity and excellence in education, connecting to legacies of justice work through critical inquiry and research, professional development and technical assistance, community action and collaboration.


We commit to social justice and the amplification of youth and parent/community voice, meaningful dialogue and interaction to honor and respect all people.



Strong moral principles that adhere to a code of the highest virtues of sound and incorruptible human character sustain NYU Metro Center. 


NYU Metro Center embraces the concept of the collective - “out of many, one” - we are better and more together than we are alone, that those most impacted by policies and practices should be part of designing those policies and practices. 


NYU Metro Center embodies and advances the principles of a free society, untethered from oppressive restrictions imposed on the goals of self-determination, independence, autonomy, and sovereignty for vulnerable people. 


Radical and unyielding understanding for those who face barriers to inclusion in their community, while working in partnership to build a more embracing world, guides NYU Metro Center. 


NYU Metro Center pledges to contribute to the benefit of others - especially vulnerable people - to assist in the ongoing campaigns for justice, social transformation, and extended opportunities.