Transfer and Transitioning Students

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication (MCC) welcomes your interest in the major. Please email our advising team at for any questions about the transfer/transition process.

The transfer/transition process depends on the student's home school:

  • Students transferring from within Steinhardt must fill out the transfer application which can be submitted to our offices (due April 1).
  • Students transferring from another school within NYU must fill out the internal transfer application through NYU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Note: Students transitioning from the Liberal Studies program have a separate process; please consult with your home school adviser for more information.
  • Students transferring from an institution outside of NYU must fill out the external transfer application through NYU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Please note that effective Fall 2014, MCC will only accept transfers, transitions, and change of majors for the Fall semester.

Any student transferring or transitioning to the MCC major from within Steinhardt or elsewhere at NYU must have completed at least one MCC core course* before applying to transfer/transition, receiving a grade of B- or better. The Department also recommends that such students have at least a B- (2.7) cumulative grade point average. Effective Fall 2013, students entering the Media, Culture, and Communication major may not study abroad in their first semester. This allows new majors to participate in orientation and advisement activities organized by MCC's advising team.

*MCC has three core courses as of Fall 2015. Majors must take all three; minors take any two. Effective Fall 2014, any student taking an MCC core course (MCC-UE 001, 003, or 014) must earn a B- or better to use that course toward the major or the minor. (Note: Core courses taken before Fall 2014 are exempt from this grade requirement.) If a student receives a grade lower than a B-, that student may retake the course to improve the grade, but only one retaken course is allowed. Additionally, students may only retake a course once. This means that students receiving below a B- in two or more MCC core courses (even if taken in the same semester) will have to explore with their adviser other options for majoring at NYU.

Students entering the MCC major in or after Fall 2015 must complete the MCC core by the end of their first semester as a junior. This new deadline for completing the core encourages external transfers who are early in their college careers, and it encourages transfers/transitions from Steinhardt and elsewhere in NYU who have already had successful experiences in the MCC core. The new deadline also ensures that all majors will have completed the MCC core prior to enrolling in a senior seminar.