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Spring Semester | NYU Paris

At NYU Paris, the city is your classroom for the study of global media and culture. Paris has an extraordinary history and is a city of intense national, global and cultural change. You'll acquire or improve your French language skills while exploring the media, art, literature, politics, and history of this world city. 

Sample MCC courses at NYU Paris:

  • MCC-UE 9454 Global Media Seminar: France and Europe This course introduces students to the basic structures and practices of media in Europe and their relationship to everyday social life. It pays special attention to the common models and idioms of media in Europe, with an emphasis on national and regional variations. Specific case studies highlight current trends in the production, distribution, consumption, and regulation of media. Topics may include entertainment formats, advertising and publicity, news and information, content regulation, piracy and independent media, and innovations and emerging practices in digital media. Courses are conducted in English.
  • MCC-UE 9345 Fashion and Power This course examines fashion as a form of communication and culture. Through cultural and media studies theory, we will examine how fashion makes meaning, and how it has been valued through history, popular culture and media institutions, focusing on the relationship between fashion, visual self-presentation, and power. The course will situate fashion both in terms of its production and consumption, addressing its role in relation to identity and body politics (gender, race, sexuality, class), art and status, nationhood and the global economy, celebrity and Hollywood culture, youth cultures and subversive practices.
Spring Semester  | NYU Prague

Prague stands at the crossroads of Europe, where East meets West and the past meets the present - a city of present-day political excitement and historical imagery. This is an exceptionally exciting time to study in Prague, as students from around the world are drawn to this vibrant and beautiful city to experience first hand its reemergence as one of the leading centers of culture and thought in Europe. Courses are taught by prominent professors from Europe and the United States, and include former leading dissidents, writers, foreign ambassadors, government ministers, artists and public intellectuals. 

Sample MCC courses at NYU Prague:

  • MCC-UE 9453 Global Media Seminar: Post Communist Media Systems This course focuses on European media and the transformation of the Czechoslovakian media after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Czechoslovakian media are considered alongside developments in a broad range of European perspectives in order to acquaint students with the basic features of the European landscape of print and electronic media.
  • MCC-UE 9014 Media and Cultural Analysis An introduction to approaches and practices used to criticize the content, structure, and context (including effects) of significant media in our society. Background readings, examination of current criticism, and beginning practice in media criticism are employed.
  • MCC-UE 9015 Advertising and Society This course will examine the emergence of advertising as a form of communication, its influence upon other forms of mediated communication and its impact upon culture and society.
  • MCC-UE 9032 Social Media Networking This course will examine “social media” from a cultural perspective, with a focus on how media technologies figure in practices of everyday life and in the construction of social relationships and identities. Although many of our readings will deal with Social Network Sites (SNSs), we will attempt to form an expansive definition of what constitutes “social media.” We will also work from an expansive definition of “technology,” considering the term in a cultural sense to include various practices and tools used to communicate in everyday life. Lastly, the course will also look at the impact of social media on journalism and activism, including a dissection of the recent debates on the power of social media to transform these fields. 
Fall Semester  | NYU Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires offers an exceptional opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Latin America while taking part in the lively activities of the day-to-day life of Argentina's capital city. With its distinct European-Latin American style, Buenos Aires, birthplace of the tango, is one of the largest port cities in the world and is considered the financial and cultural center of Argentina. 

Sample MCC courses at NYU Buenos Aires:

  • MCC-UE 9455 Global Media Seminar: Latin America This course takes an historical and cultural approach to the development of the popular press, cinema, radio, television and the contemporary processes of the new media. There is a central question for the course: Is there any singularity in Latin American media? The answer assumes that there is a specific relation between tradition and modernity in Latin American societies with many consequences for mass culture and media.
Fall Semester  | NYU Shanghai

Shanghai has emerged as one of the primary global cities of the 21st century, a city of rapid growth that personifies the complexity of the new China. 

Sample MCC courses at NYU Shanghai:

  • MCC-UE 9451 Global Media Seminar: Media in China This course introduces students to contemporary media industries in China, including print, broadcasting, film, public relations, advertising, and new media. By incorporating both practical and theoretical study, the course reviews the structures, functions, and influences of various forms of media industries and analyzes current issues from historical, regulatory, social, and technological perspectives.

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