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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness oversees the submission of all new undergraduate and graduate program proposals, as well as any program revisions. After consultation with department chair and the Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness, follow the process below. 

Proposal Process

Step 1: Fill out curriculum chart and program proposal word document. Consult with department faculty and other stakeholders for feedback. Revise accordingly. Submit to department chair.

Step 2: After department approval, complete the online program proposal form. Attach curriculum chart to proposal form.

Step 3: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will review and coordinate any necessary submissions on the school, university, and state level. When a proposed program includes courses outside of Steinhardt, upon completion of the planning process, the proposer is responsible for acquiring a memo of approval from the deans of the schools involved in the program.

Any questions on the program proposal process can be directed to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at

Types of Program Revisions

  • a cumulative change of one-third or more of the minimum credits required for the award (for example, a change of 20 or more credits in an associate degree program, 40 in a bachelor’s program) since the last approval
  • a proposal to offer two registered programs as a time-shortened dual degree program (not to be confused with a joint degree)
  • a change in a program’s focus or design
  • a program title change
  • adding an option or concentration
  • adding a certificate title (for example, bilingual extension for teaching degrees or creating a dual certification)
  • adding a distance education component
  • any change in the courses required for a program as registered that leads to, or is proposed to lead to, teacher certification
  • a change in the location at which a complete program is offered
  • a change in the mode of delivery (for example, through contractual arrangement with an external entity, in another language, in an accelerated format)
  • a change in award (degree title) to which a program leads (for example, from a B.A. to a B.S.)
  • discontinuance of a program
  • eliminating an option or concentration
  • eliminating a requirement for program completion (for example, eliminating an internship requirement)
  • a format change that may result in a change in the program's financial aid eligibility (for example, from day to evening, from weekday to weekend, from full-time to part-time

Program Review Committees

Committee on Courses and Programs (Steinhardt)
Undergraduate Program Committee (NYU Central)
Graduate Program Committee (NYU Central)
NYU Office of Academic Program Review
New York State Education Department

Helpful Terms & Definitions

Program major or curriculum leading to a degree or advanced certificate. The educational requirements of a program must be registered with the New York State Education Department. The program title of a student's declared major appears on his/her transcript.

Concentration: significant sub-area of a program approved by the New York State Education Department. The title of a declared concentration appears on the transcript.

Specialization: less formal sub-curriculum, usually constituted through electives by advisement rather than actual preset requirements; it is not indicated on the transcript.

Dual Degree Program: typically a B.S./M.A. within the same school or between two schools that are specifically registered with the New York State Education Department and results in two degrees awarded. The combined curriculum often allows students to reduce credits and time to degree completion. The title of a student's declared dual degree program appears on his/her transcript. The student may be registered in both schools at the same time.

Joint Degree Program: combined curriculum that is registered with the New York State Education Department in which two academic units contribute to the educational requirements that lead to one degree awarded.