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Continuing Contract Faculty Fellowship

Steinhardt Continuing Contract Faculty Fellowship Guidelines

The NYU Steinhardt School’s Continuing Contract Faculty Fellowship is intended to support continuing contract faculty projects that are more time and/or resource intensive than projects typically accomplished while carrying out full course loads. The fellowship may be used to expand or refresh the faculty member’s area of expertise, develop new ideas for course/program development, strengthen relations to practice, and/or for the production of scholarship, as long as the primary goal of any such activities is pedagogical improvement and/or innovation. The fellowship is available to only faculty classified as Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty as defined in the NYU Faculty Handbook.

Steinhardt will grant up to five awards each year dependent upon department capacity and subject to chair approval. Deadlines will be posted in the Spring semester.

Fellowship Benefits

The fellowship now provides an equivalent of three (3) course releases (one semester).

Course releases can be taken in one semester or split across an academic year.

Upon award, the fellowship may be deferred up to one (1) year and may be taken in one (1) semester or across a one-year time frame; with chair approval.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Faculty must have completed at least five years of continuous full-time service as a continuing contract faculty member and be in good standing.

  • Applicants will need to provide a brief (1-2 page) description of how the time will be used and make a clear case of how the activities will ultimately lead to pedagogical improvement in their field of instruction.

  • Eligible faculty applicants must meet and confer with their Department Chair regarding application, letter of support, and approval before submission of the application. Applicants should indicate how teaching and other department responsibilities will be handled during the fellowship period. Applicants are required to maintain service obligations.

  • Faculty who have been awarded a fellowship must submit a brief report (no more than 2 pages) describing their activities while receiving the fellowship and may be invited to share their work with faculty through presentations, showings, and/or performances.

  • Continuing contract faculty may reapply for the fellowship after five (5) years.

  • The proposals will be reviewed by a four-person committee including the Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, the Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity, and a senior member of the continuing contract faculty.


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