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Scholarships for Advanced Study

Teaching and Learning

Continue on for your master's degree in Teaching and Learning. We'll help you.

Students majoring in any BS program in the Department of Teaching and Learning that leads to initial teacher certification are eligible for a generous scholarship toward full-time study in any master's degree in the same department.

Eligible master's degree programs include:

Steinhardt’s Scholarship for Advanced Study covers approximately 30% of graduate tuition, and may cover more depending on the program of study to which you apply and availability of external funds.

Please note that only On Campus Master's programs qualify for the Scholarship for Advanced Study. The Teacher Residency Program Master's are not eligble Master's programs for this award.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Apply for admission in your senior year by the published deadline to the graduate program of your choice
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • If admitted, enroll full time in the MA program to which you were admitted
  • Submit the Scholarship for Advanced Study form.
  • International students are eligible for this scholarship

Get Started

Take the First Step

  1. Meet with your undergraduate adviser to see if a master's degree is right for you, and which program meets your professional and personal goals.
  2. Talk with our teacher certification officer if you have questions about professional certification options and requirements.

Apply for Admission

  1. Apply for admission to the Teaching and Learning MA program of your choice by the program's deadline. All programs accept applications for the Fall term and some also accept applications for the Spring or Summer terms.

Apply for the Scholarship and Submit your FAFSA

  1. All candidates must submit a short online Scholarship for Advanced Study form. This form tells us of your intent to continue on for your master’s degree and lets us identify you as a student eligible for this special scholarship.
  2. US citizens and permanent residents must complete a FAFSA form. All students applying for scholarships from the Steinhardt School must file a FAFSA form. The FAFSA may also make you eligible for the federal TEACH grant, loans, and other forms of financial aid to cover your graduate school expenses.