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Teaching and Learning

Research Centers and Institutes

Metro Center

The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (Metro Center) promotes equity and opportunity in education through engaged science work: applied research, program evaluation, policy analysis, community engagement, and professional assistance to educational, governmental, and community agencies serving vulnerable populations.

Wallerstein Collaborative

The Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education promotes environmental literacy and sustainability by working with educators in K-12 classroom settings, graduate students, and faculty in colleges and universities.

Constantine Georgiou Library

The Constantine Georgiou Library and Resource Center for Children and Literature is a home for research, scholarship, and community activities associated with children’s literature and literacy.

Field Projects and Research Initiatives

ASD Nest Support Project

The NYU ASD Nest Support Project provides training and support for educators working with students with ASD, including those in the NYC ASD Nest Program. 

Developing Chinese Language Teachers

The Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT)  provides services to school districts, individual schools, and teachers to meet the growing demands for Chinese Language programs and teachers in K-12 schools in the US. 

Literacy Clinic

The NYU Literacy Clinic provides reading tutoring to first grade children through high school adolescents.

Field Initiatives and Partnership Schools

NYU Steinhardt's Office of Field Studies has developed strong relationships with a wide range of educational settings in New York City, which gives you greater opportunities as you complete the fieldwork you need to be a strong educator and to qualify for certification in New York State.

Practitioner Action Research

The Practitioner Action Research Projects focus on how student participation influences students achievement, the effects of teachers' teaching style on students' motivation and how EXL strategies can improve instruction in mathematics.

English Language Learners Think Tank

The English Language Learners Think Tank informs NYU teacher preparation programs of issues and topics related to English language learners for inclusion in the aspiring teachers' program.