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NYU Literacy Clinic

The New York University Reading Clinic was originally established in 1937 by Stella Center and directed by leaders in the field of reading, including Nila Banton Smith and Alan Robinson. We are proud to be continuing this important tradition in service to our local New York City community as the NYU Clinical Literacy Practicum.

We see first-grade children through high school adolescents. Our clients may need intensive tutoring in reading and writing skills or they may be students who just need a little additional help. We focus on word recognition skills (including decoding using phonics), reading and writing fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension.

All tutors are completing their master's degrees in Literacy Education. Tutoring generally begins with an assessment of the child’s reading abilities. Informal and formal measures may focus on such areas as oral reading, word recognition, reading comprehension, spelling, composition, vocabulary, and other related areas. Using the assessment data as a basis, an individual tutoring plan targeted to the child’s needs is developed. Tutoring is conducted either one-on-one or within a small group. The tutoring sessions are scheduled in alignment with the university calendar, and are typically offered during the spring semester. The application period for the spring semester is November 15 - December 31. 

For the application process to be considered complete, the child's parent and teacher must each submit the electronic application found in the menu bar on this page. Candidates are selected based on a variety of factors including highest need, date of application submission, and availability of tutors. 


East Building, 5th Floor
239 Greene Street
New York, NY 10003


Katherine Stahl, EdD
Literacy Program Director 
212-998-5204 (phone)
212-995-4564 (fax) 

Meet Kay Stahl

Kay StahlKay Stahl is a Clinical Professor of Literacy at New York University, where she teaches graduate courses and oversees the NYU Clinical Literacy Practicum. In addition to teaching in public elementary and middle school classrooms for over 25 years, she has extensive practice working with readers in clinical settings. In 2009, she transformed the Literacy Specialist Practicum into a reading clinic that serves our community and is housed in NYU’s Georgiou Children’s Library. Without children of her own, Kay has made a lifetime commitment to helping children who have reading difficulties become successful readers. Her books include Assessment for Reading Instruction (2nd Ed.) and Reading Assessment in an RTI Framework. Her articles have appeared in Reading Research QuarterlyUrban Education, and The Reading Teacher. She also consults with several NYC schools to help them improve reading instruction.

"The best part of my job is watching the children and the tutors in the reading clinic grow together. We all leave the clinic as changed people…as better readers, better teachers, and believing in new possibilities for ourselves and others.” - Kay Stahl

Student Outcomes

Skill Average gains
Reading Accuracy
Instructional Level
1.5 grade levels
Reading Comprehension
Instructional Level
1.36 grade levels
DRA (optional) 5.6 text levels
Words Their Way
Power Score (Words Correct)
Words Their Way
Feature Score (Spelling Features)
Words Their Way 
Developmental Stage
Sight Word Recognition
Phonemic Decoding

Parent Reviews

Tutoring Program and Staff

  • "This program is such a beautiful gift to our children. A. has learned so much and her self-esteem has grown. Thank you."
  • "The one-on-one teaching style was really, really good."
  • "E. was an excellent tutor for A. She was very patient and gentle."
  • "We loved the individual attention L. got."
  • "I was extremely pleased with the tutor. She really exceeded my expectations."
  • "Our tutor was great. My child liked her, and she provided me with a daily/weekly progress report for my child's teacher."
  • "Kay and M. were fantastic. As a parent, I learned much about how to support my child as a reader."

Clinic Hours and Location

  • "Location was great—classes should not be held when public schools are closed for vacation so that children would not miss any classes."
  • "I loved coming to the NYU campus. It was very inspiring to be around the college students."
  • "It would be helpful if the clinic started before 5:30pm. I would advocate a 4:30/no later than 5:00 timeframe."
  • "This program has helped my daughter very much and I only wish it were longer."
  • "I would like to say thank you for the flexibility given to me when I had a family emergency.  My daughter was able to make up the classes, thanks to my daughter’s wonderful tutor."

Your Child's Progress

  • "We want to come back."
  • "K.'s reading comprehension is so much better."
  • "J. did an amazing job building up D.'s confidence."
  • "My child’s tutor was excellent. She was accommodating and extremely helpful. C. is now comfortably ready for 2nd grade. She’s ready to tackle reading with confidence."

Additional Comments

  • "Supportive staff, responded to all questions; friendly; excellent communication with parents."
  • "I'm very happy and pleased with the program. The tutor was always available via cell and email. My child has improved in reading, and I want to continue so he does not fall behind. It was great to have 2 days per week for continuity. Would like to see the program in fall and spring."
  • "We’re very grateful for all that you’ve shared with our daughter. Each week she’d come home feeling very positive about reading and her class with J. This positiveness is the best gift of all!  Thank you."

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the tutoring sessions scheduled?

SPRING Semester (February through April - 24 sessions)
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm

We adhere to the NYU Academic Calendar. We do not take a winter break or the NYCDOE spring break.

Where is the tutoring conducted?

We conduct all sessions at NYU Washington Square Campus.

East Building
239 Greene Street
5th Floor 
Georgiou Children’s Library and Resource Center

All tutees must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How are students selected to receive the reading clinic services?

We give priority to students with the greatest reading needs. We accept children who have IEPs and children who do not have IEPs. We usually have more graduate students who are certified to work with children in elementary school than secondary school, so we can serve more elementary students than secondary students. We consider each applicant’s degree of need and our ability to help.

When will I find out if my child has been chosen to receive literacy clinic services?

Applications for the spring sessions are due on December 31st, and parents will be notified of their child’s selection status by January 7th. 

How can teachers recommend students for the clinic?

Please feel free to make copies of the brochure on our website and pass it along to parents who might be interested. We usually only have 12 slots for students in the spring. Good attendance and punctuality are imperative. Both parent and teacher applications must be submitted for a child to be considered for selection.

How much does the clinic cost?

In order to cover the cost of materials, we request that a $75 personal check or bank check be made out to New York University. We cannot accept cash. This contribution will cover the expenses for all 24 hours of tutoring (Spring - 24 sessions). Upon request, a reduced fee, staggered fee, or a scholarship may be arranged.

The Clinical Literacy Practicum schedule doesn’t work for my family. How can we find private tutors that apply a diagnostic methodology?

Feel free to contact Dr. Stahl ( to obtain a list of literacy specialists who have been trained at NYU and currently do private tutoring. They have no current affiliation with NYU, but they were trained to do the diagnostic evaluations that are found on this website, and they tutored in our reading clinic under Dr. Stahl’s supervision using a diagnostic, customized model of instruction.