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Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

The core mission of NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities is to promote social good and social justice through our academic programs and collaborative research. We train students across the school, university and city, providing them with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions and well-defended arguments. Specific programs and concentrations emphasize different scientific domains, spanning global and local interests, always with an interdisciplinary focus. All are fine-tuned to reflect core disciplinary knowledge in the context of modern societal concerns. Indeed, our mission is guided by the principle that a comprehensive understanding of a social problem requires an historical, sociological, political, economic, and philosophical lens, coupled with a broad range of methodological tools for analyzing and synthesizing the data associated with it.  

Summer Stats Bootcamp

This August, ASH will be offering a math, statistics, and programming bootcamp which will run as a two-week long 0 credit course for NYU graduate students.

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Applied Statistics for Social Science Research

Learn advanced quantitative research techniques and apply them to critical policy issues across social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Education and Social Policy

Rooted in economics and sociology, this program has a strong emphasis on using quantitative methods to ascertain causal effects of programs and policies.

Education Studies

Explore and understand the broader context of education and its link to social change, and the role you can play in making change possible.

International Education

The program develops education experts who understand the implications of their responsibilities and can utilize knowledge across international boundaries.

Sociology of Education

In this program you will learn to analyze educational problems and issues, such as educational equity, using a sociological lens.

Peace and Conflict Studies

This undergraduate minor gives you the tools to better understand the world, analyze global conflicts and contribute to global peace efforts.

Global and Urban Education Studies

This interdisciplinary undergraduate minor gives students a deeper understanding of critical social, cultural, economic, political, legal, and policy issues in education.

News and Events

International Education Students Make a Social Impact with CAIR

IE students help CAIR Philadelphia win grant support.

"You Can’t Unring the Bell" created for NYU’s 2020 Constitution Day Celebration: Voting Rights in America.

NYU Steinhardt Educational Theatre's Verbatim Performance Lab worked with students of International Education Prof. Heddy Lahmann to examine sentiments around the pandemic, the election, and voting rights.

Steinhardt Student Makes a Difference: Sanan Panossian (MA ’19), International Education

To achieve her goal of building and sustaining a link between her homeland and the diaspora, Sanan worked as a Diaspora Outreach Coordinator for the Admissions Department of the American University of Armenia (AUA) this summer.

Black Drivers More Likely to Be Stopped Finds Study Co-authored by NYU Steinhardt Researcher

A new study titled, “A large-scale analysis of racial disparities in police stops across the United States,” found that in a dataset of nearly 100 million traffic stops across the United States, black drivers were about 20 percent more likely to be stopped than white drivers relative to their share of the residential population.


Through research centers our faculty members are able to conduct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies in order to address important societal issues like childhood obesity, educational inequality, school funding, the link between obesity and cancer, education in developing countries, and healthcare utilization in disadvantaged populations.

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