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Yu-Lun Chen, MS, OTR

Yu-Lun Chen

Yu-Lun Chen is a PhD student in the Department of Occupational Therapy at NYU. Her research interests include the participation and transition of youths with disabilities, as well as the social, environmental, and contextual factors contributing to these outcomes. Her current studies use mixed-methods to examine the social participation of adolescents on the autism spectrum and their barriers to socially participating in inclusive education. Her research draws upon theoretical frameworks and methodologies from occupational therapy, disability studies, and the neurodiversity paradigm. Her previous work focused on home-based neuro-rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy that reflect family needs and local societal environments.

Amanda Gahlot, MS, OTR/L, BCPR

Amanda Gahlot

Amanda Gahlot received a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a master’s in Occupational Therapy both from Gannon University in Erie, PA. Prior to beginning the PhD in Occupational Therapy program in 2020, she worked as a clinical therapist at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC with a clinical focus on brain injury recovery. She was also taught as adjunct faculty at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC.

Amanda is mentored by Dr. Yael Goverover and at NYU will have the opportunity to focus on improving upper extremity function after brain injury, specifically understanding the cognitive and perceptual factors that impact motor recovery. In her free time, Amanda enjoys walking and cycling around New York and traveling.

Hayejin Kim, MA, OTR/L

Hayejin Kim

Hayejin Kim is a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Grace Kim. Her research interests include home-based rehabilitation for stroke survivors, telehealth and mobile health programs, and the actual use of the affected arm of stroke survivors in daily life. She is currently working on a study about stroke survivors’ attitudes towards mobile technology and upper extremity exercise programs at home.

These research interests have grown out of her clinical experience. She had an opportunity to shadow therapists using various rehabilitation programs through advanced technologies like virtual reality and robotics when working as a fieldwork intern in a medical center. She also worked as an occupational therapist specializing in adults with neurological disorders at a rehabilitation hospital.

She holds an MA in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California and a BHS in Occupational Therapy from Hanseo University in South Korea.

Chang Dae Lee, MSOT, OTR

Chang Dae

Chang Dae is a PhD student interested in geriatrics. His main research focuses on subjective memory complaints in older adults, and how the complaints affect their future cognitive function and participation in daily activities. His research interest also focuses on occupational balance, frailty, and other health issues in older adults. 

His publications include:

  • Lee, C. D., Veolbel G. T. (2020, November). The Essential Role of Occupational therapists in Prescription Opioid Addiction Prevention for Older Adults. Productive Aging: Special Interest Sections Quarterly Practice Connections, 5 (4), 23-25.

  • Lee, C. D., Chippendale, T. (2020). The necessities of postoperative delirium prevention as a standard practice in occupational therapy acute care intervention. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, 38(3), 264-270.

  • Chippendale, T., & Lee, C. D. (2017). Characteristics and fall experiences of older adults with and without fear of falling outdoors. Aging & Mental Health, 21(1), 1-7. 

Kavitha Murthi, MS, OTR, FHEA 

Kavitha Murthi

Kavitha Murthi is pursuing her doctoral studies at NYU Steinhardt in the Department of Occupational Therapy. She works with Vice Dean Kristie Patten on a National Science Foundation (NSF) project titled “Developing Abilities and Knowledge for Careers in Design and Engineering for Students on the Autism Spectrum by Scaling Up Making Experiences.” Through this project, Kavitha intends to explore the impact of interest-driven and strength-based engineering activities on autistic students’ learning and social development. She is very interested in understanding how neurodiverse adolescents interested in engineering and designing participate in maker clubs to problem-solve using the Engineering Design Process (EDP) independently. She is also very keen to bring out authentic autistic voices through her research by involving them in the research process.

Before starting her journey at NYU, Kavitha received her master's in Occupational Therapy in the UK and completed her undergraduate studies in Occupational Therapy from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in India. She has experience working with a diverse population of children with developmental disabilities in both Mumbai and Edinburgh. Apart from this, she has contributed to various research projects, the most notable being the Global Co-operation on Assistive Technology with the World Health Organization through her nomination from the World Federation of Occupational Therapists in 2019.

Yun Shi, MA

Yun She standing in front of a painting.

Yun Shi is a PhD candidate in the Department of Occupational Therapy at NYU Steinhardt. Yun Shi is from China; she received her BS degree in Occupational Therapy from Capital Medical University in Beijing and her MA degree in Occupational Therapy from New York University.

Before studying for the MA degree at NYU, Yun Shi worked as a rehabilitation therapist in Beijing for two years. Her primary areas of interest are health behavior and its contributing factors in the context of stroke rehabilitation. In her dissertation, she explored the factors related to activity engagement of community-dwelling individuals with stroke.

Judy Wilson, OTR

Judy Wilson

Judy Wilson is a part-time PhD student in the Research in Occupational Therapy program. She has her BS in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University and her MA in Anthropology from Hunter College. She has worked in Bellevue Hospital since 1990 and is currently the assistant director of the Occupational Therapy Department there. She is involved in projects with the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems, including helping create the Sexuality and Intimacy After Brain Injury training program. She contributed to the “Occupational Profile” chapter to the texts The Texture of Life (2004, 2009, 2014). Her research interests include health disparities and traumatic brain injury.