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PhD, Music Education: For College and University Faculty



Performing Art Research Collegium (must take each semester) 0 points
Foundations in Music Education/Therapy 6 points
Cognates (related to, but not in specialization) 6 points
Research Courses 18 points
Guided Electives (to be chosen in consultation with faculty advisor) 12 points
Dissertation Proposal Seminar (final course to be taken after candidacy) 3 points
Minimum Points  45 points  


All students are required to complete 6 credits (two courses) of course work in foundations during the first 24 credits of doctoral study. Graduate courses qualify for the foundations requirement when they are upper division courses (NYU Steinhardt 2000 level courses or higher) in music education or music therapy. Courses are considered foundational when they (1) provide broad basic content not limited to a single profession, are outside the student’s specialization, and do not require prerequisites; (2) are based on current scholarship in the arts, humanities, sciences and/or social sciences; and (3) have wide applicability to common issues of the student’s specialization and profession.


A cognate is a course outside of the student's specialization or a course that combines music with another academic discipline. Graduate courses qualify for the cognates requirement when they are upper division courses (2000 level courses or higher) outside music education or music therapy.

Research Courses

Research courses by advisement are related to the student's proposed topic or area of research interest. These courses are selected to ensure that the student has the appropriate skills and expertise to conduct research and analysis necessary to write a dissertation. Potential research courses include those with a wide range of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method focuses. Full-time students should be enrolled in at least one research course the first 4 semesters.