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MS, Occupational Therapy (Professional)

Not Accepting Applications

To best meet the needs of our students, we have decided to suspend enrollment in the Master of Science Occupational Therapy. We encourage you to explore our Entry-Level Doctor of Occupational Therapy.

69 Total Credits Required

The Master of Science Professional Program prepares graduates to become registered occupational therapists.

Required Courses - 66 Credits

OT-GE 2000New Student Sem in Ot0
OT-GE 2002Human Anatomy3
OT-GE 2010Neuroscience3
OT-GE 2701Foundations of Occupational Therapy3
OT-GE 2707Activity Group Process Lab3
OT-GE 2709Performance/Development Across The Life Span3
OT-GE 2003Human Anatomy Lab1
OT-GE 2030Theoretical Bases for The Scope of Practice3
OT-GE 2035Analysis/Human Activity Occupational Perform I2
OT-GE 2039Medical and Psychiatric Conditions3
OT-GE 2040Professional Issues I0
OT-GE 2710Kinesiology2
OT-GE 2750Health Advocacy and Administration3
OT-GE 2025Research Methods for Occupational Therapy3
OT-GE 2721Fldwk I-Psychosocial Development1
OT-GE 2741Orthopedic Evaluation and Intervention3
OT-GE 2743Neurological Evaluation and Intervention3
OT-GE 2745Mental Health Evaluation and Intervention3
OT-GE 2748Pediatric Evaluation and Intervention3
OT-GE 2041Professional Issues II0
OT-GE 2722Fieldwork I-Physical Dysfunction1
OT-GE 2725Research Interpretation of Occupational Therapy3
OT-GE 2736Analysis/Human Activity Occupational Perform II2
OT-GE 2742Rehab Evaluation and Intervention3
OT-GE 2744Cognitive Evaluation and Intervention3
OT-GE 2749Geriatrics Evaluation & Intervention3
OT-GE 2703Fieldwork II in Ot (taken twice, for a total of 6 credits)6

Electives - 3 Credits

Restricted Elective, by advisement


  • Graduate students enrolled in program must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in the 69 credit program.
  • A GPA of 2.5 is required before Fieldwork II placement can be initiated.
  • A GPA of at least 2.5 is required to graduate from the program.