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Teacher with Students and Computers

Master of Arts in Teaching
Teaching Students with Disabilities and Computer Science: Transformational Teaching
Grades 7–12, Initial Certification

In this year-long master of arts in teaching program, you'll prepare to work with students with disabilities and gain skills in computer science education, becoming an educator who can create experiences in your classroom that transform how your students engage with and care about their learning. We also offer generous funding toward tuition through a Noyce scholarship!

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Degree Details

Official Degree Title

Master of Arts in Teaching in Transformational Teaching Students with Disabilities and Computer Science

Professional Licensure or Certification
Full-time or Part-time

Upon completing your MAT program, you'll have the knowledge and foundation to:

  • Build relationships with students and parents with the goal of fostering student learning, engagement, and wellbeing
  • Integrate theory/research and practice
  • Develop and implement discipline-based curricula, unit plans, and lessons that are coherent, use culturally relevant pedagogies, and foster experiential learning
  • Individualize instruction and assessment activities to meet the needs of students with disabilities
  • Create and apply classroom strategies that are explicit, innovative, appropriate for a specific context, and use technology to support student learning
  • Develop a practice that is equitable and inclusive, particularly as it pertains to the social, historical, and political implications of ableism

You'll take comprehensive course work that combines our faculty's cutting-edge research in computer science education with special education methods, often within the same class. We’ll also integrate bilingual education into your course work! Our cohort is small by design, so you can get individualized support, connect with faculty, and develop a community with your peers that will last beyond your studies.

Your fieldwork placement will be customized based on your goals and focused on computer science and students with disabilities, with opportunities to work in a variety of grade levels and school settings. Our program will prepare you to teach in diverse urban districts, and our wonderful partnership network all around New York City will help you translate your learning into practice.


This program leads to eligibility for initial teaching certification in Students with Disabilities Generalist 7–12 and Teaching a Special Subject (All Grades): Computer Science.

You'll be prepared for a breadth of education careers, including:

  • Computer science teacher in elementary, middle, or high school
  • Special education teacher in middle or high school
  • Teacher in other subjects who integrates computer science into the curriculum
  • Computer science or special education curriculum specialist, developer, or evaluator
  • Computer science or special education program coordinator in schools and school districts

Graduates who receive the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program funding have a subsequent requirement to work in schools in high-need local educational agency; learn more about the Noyce program and its requirements.

Funding from the National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

We are pleased to offer funding from the National Science Foundation for our first class of students! Whether you begin your MAT course work in your senior year or join our program with a completed undergraduate degree, you will receive scholarship support for your studies. Noyce Scholars also receive mentorship with paid induction activities in the first year of teaching.

Learn More about Noyce Benefits and Requirements