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Student Experience

MA, Visual Arts Administration

Internships and Research


Master’s students in Visual Arts Administration are preparing to hold positions and leadership roles within museums, auction houses, galleries and other cultural institutions.  Master’s students have completed internships at large and small local and regional museums and galleries, artist studios, publishing houses, and other sites.

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Every year students present a series of public events to highlight their research projects on a broad range of topics. Recent colloquiums include: Colloquium: What can NYC Art Museums do for Immigrant Communities? (2020), Colloquium: Public Art and the City of New York (2020)

Tobias Meyer talking in lecture.

Guest Lecturers

Each semester there are guest lectures that come and speak to students about their professions within the non-profit and for profit arts. They are master classes in the diverse fields of Arts Administration and feature speakers such as, museum curators, collection managers, auction specialists, gallerists, journalists and many more. 

Student Clubs

Art Finance Society

The mission of the Art Finance Society is to initiate and expand the conversation around art making and art history, connoisseurship and art dealing, and larger financial markets. In this moment of increasing interconnectedness between art markets and global finance, the Art Finance Society aims to inspire dynamic collaboration between students, faculty and industry professionals, while cultivating an inclusive atmosphere that allows all perspectives to contribute to the conversation.

other content

Formerly the Curatorial Collective, other content is comprised of student artists and curators who are dedicated to exploring innovative and interdisciplinary ideas around exhibition display and curatorial practices. other content works to forge ideas through site-specific exhibitions, disrupting traditional definitions of what it means to curate. The collective remains dynamic as students join and leave, but their respective creative visions continue to add to the progression of the group, thus creating an ever-evolving engine of curatorial innovation.

Advocates for Cultural Engagement (ACE)

ACE is a student organization that creates awareness of arts and cultural issues at the local, state, and national levels. To achieve this goal, ACE encourages action within the NYU community, collaborates with other student groups and appeals to government representatives. ACE hosts and facilitates events and programming for students to foster awareness and action surrounding arts advocacy.

Events and Information Sessions


There are events throughout the year that present the work of current students and alumni through exhibitions and symposium. In addition, there are public events that highlight the faculty and other leading figures in the field of Visual Arts Administration. 

Information Sessions

Every year there are a number of Information Sessions on site and online for prospective students. These sessions will give insights into its requirements and what to expect from the program.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning about upcoming dates.