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The Curriculum

51 points of course work are required for graduation. The course sequence is determined by advisement and tailored to the needs of each individual student. Courses are offered on a rotating basis so that part-time students can finish the program in three years.

Students take entry-level business courses at the NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business and the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and fulfill at least 3 points of internships with a range of sponsors, including galleries, museums, and other arts organizations. 

In addition to business and internship requirements, students in both areas of the program must complete a substantial, well-researched master’s thesis. Research focuses on a particular interest or issue in the visual arts administration field; this is a two-semester sequence that begins with an interactive seminar. Students complete the thesis during their last semester in the program.   

The program offers two international study abroad opportunities. France and Germany: Visual Arts and Performing Arts Administration is offered in Paris and Berlin, and Exhibition and Display of Art and Material Culture is offered in London, England.

The program enrolls up to 35 students each academic year (about 1/2 of this number elect the for-profit concentration).

  • Admission is for the fall semester only.  
  • Students may participate in the program on a full- or part-time basis. 
  • Two years are required for completion of the full-time program, generally including one summer. 
  • Most students already work in the arts or arts-related fields.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses (9 points required)

ARVA-GE 2030 Environment of Visual Arts Administration (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2109 Digital Technologies and the Art Organization: From Strategy to Practice (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2028 Law and the Visual Arts (3 pts)

Primary Areas of Study (select either area – 9 points required)

Arts Management   

ARVA-GE 2032 Development for the Vis. Arts (3 pts)       
ARVA-GE 2133 Strategic Planning and Governance (3 pts)           
ARVA-GE 2027 Show and Tell: Interpreting Exhibitions (3 pts)   

Arts Market

ARVA-GE 2016 Art Collecting (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2076 Visual Arts Market (3 pts)   
ARVA-GE 2171 Appraisal & Valuation of Art (3 pts)

Business Courses at Leonard N. Stern School of Business or Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service (9 points required)


COR1-GB 1306 Financial Accounting (3 pts) 
COR1-GB 1302 Leadership in Organizations (3 pts)
COR1-GB 2310 Marketing Concepts and Strategies (3 pts)


CORE-GP 1021 Financial Management for Public, Nonprofit & Health Organizations (3 pts)
CORE-GP 1020 Management and Leadership (3 pts)
PADM-GP 2119 Marketing for Non-profit Organizations (3 pts)

Internship (3 points required)

ARVA-GE 2302 Internship in Art (1–3 pts/semester)

Research Project: A Culminating Experience (3 points required)

ARVA-GE 2299 Research in Visual Arts Administration (2 pts)
ARVA-GE 2301 Final Project (1 pt)

Secondary Areas of Study (choose one from the following suggested areas of study, or create your own secondary area of study – 9 points required)

Curatorial Studies                       

ARVA-GE 2019 Exhibition Design (3 pts)   
ARVA-GE 2198 Collections & Exhibition Management (3 pts)   
ARVA-GE 2911 Curatorial Practice (3 pts)

Arts Advocacy/Art Education

ARVA-GE 2035 Arts Advocacy: Concept and Practice (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2112 Urban Development & Visual Arts (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2021 Education in Art Museums (3 pts)

Global Perspectives

ARVA-GE 2027 Interpreting Exhibitions (United Kingdom) (3 or 4 pts)
ARVA-GE 2215 Issues and Practice in Arts Administration: The European Context (Berlin & Paris) (3pts)
MPAPA-GE 2216 The Creative and Cultural Industries in the US and the UK in London (3 pts)

Electives by Advisement (selected from, but not limited to, the following as well as courses offered throughout the University – 9 points)

ART-GE 2002 Intro to Galleries and Museums (3 pts)
ART-GE 2085 Art Money (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2024 Economics of the Visual Arts (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2118 Business and the Visual Arts (3 pts)
ARVA- GE 2120 Contemporary Art and Community Museums (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2134 Cultural Branding in Arts Organizations (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2212 Corporate Sponsorship in the Arts (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2222 Art in Alternative Spaces (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2912 Aspects of the Art World (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2913 Performa (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2915 Art Market Analysis and Investment (1.5 pts)
ARVA- GE 2921 Strategic Communications (1.5 pts)
ARVA- GE 2922 Art World Ethics (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2923 Creative Placemaking (1.5 pts)
ARVA-GE 2924 Entrepreneurial Projects in the Arts (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2925 Market Histories (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2926 Hybrid Practice (3 pts)
ARVA-GE 2927 Art in a Time of Crisis (3 pts)
ARTED-GE 2070 Critical Pedagogy, Artists and the Public Sphere (3 pts)
ARTCR-GE 2141 History of Taste 1850-present (3 pts)
ARTCR-GE 2151 History of Art Since 1945 (3 pts)
ARTCR-GE 2235 History of Cont Art & New Media (3 pts)
ARTCR-GE 2802 Art Theory and Criticism (3 pts)
MPAPA-GE 2110 Audience and Community Engagement in Community Arts Organizations (1.5 pts)
MPAPA-GE 2225 Cultural Tourism (1.5 pts)

Program Total: 51 points