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MA, Performing Arts Administration

MA in Performing Arts Administration Curriculum 

Total Required for Degree: 48 Credits

Time to degree as a full-time student: 2 years (12 credits per semester) 

Degree Requirements

Required Performing Arts Administration Courses (24 credits; 3 credits per course)

  • Environment of Performing Arts Administration (MPAPA-GE 2130)
  • Principles and Practices of Performing Arts Administration (MPAPA-GE 2131)
  • Law and the Performing Arts (MPAPA-GE 2008)
  • Development for the Performing Arts (MPAPA-GE 2132)
  • Marketing the Performing Arts (MPAPA-GE 2105)
  • Planning and Finance in the Performing Arts (MPAPA-GE 2120)
  • Governance and Trusteeship in the Performing Arts (MPAPA-GE 2133)
  • Seminar: Issues in Arts Administration (MPAPA-GE 2222; complete a substantial research paper as your terminal degree experience)

Required Management Courses (9 credits; 3 credits per course)

  • Leadership in Organizations (COR1-GB 1302 or CORE-GP 1020)
  • Marketing (COR1-GB 2310 or PADM-GP 2119)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (COR1-GB 1306 or CORE-GP 1021)

Experiential Learning - Internship (3 credits)

  • Two part-time Internships (2 x 1.5 credits; MPAPA-GE 2001 & MPAPA-GE 2002) or
  • One full-time Internship (3 credits)

Professional Development in Performing Arts Administration (0 credit)

  • Required to take every semester (MPAPA-GE 2217)

Elective Courses (12 credits; credit varies by course)

Sample Elective Courses

Numerous elective course options that offer the opportunity to customize the degree experience are available. Below is a sample list of elective courses.

  • Business Analytics and Data Visualization
  • Collaboration, Conflict, and Negotiation
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Projects in the Arts
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • The Business of Producing: Entrepreneurship & Media
  • Design Thinking; and more
  • Audience and Community Engagement in Arts Organizations (PAA Elective)
  • Community Relations & Advocacy Communications
  • Music Innovation and Social Change
  • Introduction to Theatre of The Oppressed
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Graduate Projects in Visual Arts Administration: Art During Crisis
  • Social Impact and Emerging Technologies
  • Race, Identity, and Inclusion
  • Women and Men in the Workplace
  • Community Organizing; and more
  • Promotion/Publicity in The Music Industry
  • Cultural Branding in Arts Organizations 
  • New Media in Marketing 
  • Public Relations Writing Seminar I
  • Public Relations in Non-Profit Organizations 
  • Strategic Communication: Thinking, Planning, and Execution
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Programming in Python
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Analytics and Data Visualization
  • Fundamentals of Fundraising 
  • Corporate Philanthropy and Engagement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Finance Partnerships and Models 
  • Grant Writing For Non-Profit Organizations; and more
  • Festivals and Social Events 
  • Event Production and Design
  • Concert Management 
  • Facilities and Venue Management 
  • Event Production and Design
  • Permitting for Events 
  • Managing Contracts and Risks
  • Project Management for Events
  • Event Technologies
  • Digital Technologies and the Art Organization; and more
  • Cultural Tourism in Arts (PAA Elective)
    Creative and Cultural Industries: US and UK (PAA Elective; Study Abroad Course)
  • Issues and Practices in Arts Administration: the European Context (PAA Elective; Study Abroad Course)
  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Public Policy and Planning in New York
  • Urban Development and the Visual Arts  
  • Arts Advocacy 
  • Strategic Communications for Advocacy
  • Creative Placemaking 
  • The Arts and Artist in Urban Revitalization
  • International Relations
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Python Coding for Public Policy; and more

The courses listed above are offered by various NYU Schools including Stern School of Business, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, School of Professional Studies, and Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Not all electives are offered every semester. Course availability and details are subject to change.