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Drama Therapy Thesis

Thesis Abstracts

To access the full thesis, you will need permission from the author. Please contact the NYU Drama Therapy office at, and we will begin the process. Download a sample thesis.

Couture, Rachel (2020)

Enhancing Social Emotional Skills in Adolescents Using Drama Therapy and Improvisation

Csete, Lauren (2020)

Role Theory in Drama Therapy with Young Adult Cancer Survivors: An Autoethnographic Perspective

Donovan, Brigid (2020)

“One Death is a Tragedy...” An Exploration of Vicarious Trauma and PTSD in Response to Mass Shootings

Freeman, Kayla (2020)

Us/Them: Using drama therapy to explore the intersubjective experiences of roles found within objective power dynamics

Hughes, Alessia (2020)

When Coping Comes Home: A Proposed Drama Therapy Protocol to Illuminate the Impact of First Responders’ Experience of Dissociation in Intimate Relationships

Katz, Julie (2020)

An Examination of Robert Landy’s Role Taxonomy Through a Feminist Lens

Li, Si-Yeung (2020)

An Ethical Stance as a Hong Kong based Drama Therapist in Reponse to Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Protests: An Arts-based Research

Morin, Mikayla "Mak" (2020)

‘Exposing’ the gap: Drama therapists’ understanding and interventions regarding obsessive-compulsive symptoms and disorders

Nir, Phoebe (2020)

Why Is This Thesis Different From All Other Theses? An Exploration of Jewish Psychological Particularity and Implications for Drama Therapy

Witherspoon, Hollis (2019)

Hold You Close and Try to Let You Go: Creating a Protocol for Processing Countertransference Through Art and Metaphor as an Emerging Drama Therapist

Smith, Alison (2019) The Story I Own: Finding the Therapeutic Threads Between Rape, Trauma, and Performance
Shamir, Opher Yigal (2019) Drama Therapy Change Processes For People With Severe And Persistent Mental Illness: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis
Oresne, Jess (2019) ASM-ilation:An Arts-Based Research on Colonialism and White Supremacy in Therapeutic Theatre from the Perspective of a Filipino Assistant Stage Manager
Olsen, Spencer (2019)

Through the Beaded Curtain: The Impact of Angels in America on Gay Men of the New Millennium

Martin, Alexia (2019)

A Person of Closeness: A Personal Examination of the Therapeutic Relationship Between a Clinician of Color and Clients of Color
Un color outside las lineas: A collection of Poetr

Li, Tracey (2019)

Sustaining Hope in the Mess: Experiences of Compassion Fatigue in Creative Arts Therapists Working on Acute Care

Brouker, Agathe de (2019)

Is it really time to play? A study of the use of drama therapy as a method of treatment in early psychological intervention after traumatic events of mass magnitude.

Girouard, Lauren (2019)

I Want to See Me Dressed in Light: Drama Therapy as Catalyst to Coping in a Hospital’s Hematology/Oncology Unit

Funyak, Sarah (2019)

Take a Chance, Roll the Dice: Possible Drama Therapy Applications of Role Method with Table Top Role-Playing Games in Therapy with Adolescents.

Boelter, Rachel (2019)

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please A Case Study of Rasa as a Devisement Tool for Therapeutic Theatre with Adults Living with a Developmental or Intellectual Disability

Vogelstein, Atara (2018)

Drama Therapy & Empathy: An Autoethnographic Study of Empathy in the Emerging Drama Therapist

Filson, Veronica (2018) A Student, a Teacher, A Therapist: A Drama Therapists Search for Identity in School
Cornell, Kaitlynn (2018) Moving Closer: Using Embodiment in Drama Therapy Self-Supervision to Process Somatic Countertransference
Carleton, Sean (2018) Whom am I: A Case Study on the use of the R-RAP in clinical supervision for the development of a clinical identity
Potel, Laura (2018) Dramatic Reality Gets Kinky: Applying Drama Therapy Theory to BDSM
Stevens, Adam (2018) Know Your Role: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Black American Race Roles in Drama Therapy
Dobner-Pereira, Julia (2017) Subversive Therapy: Using Queer Theory, Role Theory and Developmental Transformations Theory to Examine and Inform Therapeutic Process on a Forensic Psychiatric Unit
Roohan, Mary Kate (2017) Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Drama Therapy: An Action-Based, Integrated Approach to Treatment
Schoenfeld, Roxy (2017) Deconstructing a Painful Reality Through Play: The Case of The Game Show Show
Minerson, Mallory (2016) Musica Humana: A Therapeutic Musical Theatre Performance Thesis – The Somatic Journey from Dissociation to Integration
Burch, Darci (2015) The Space Between Us All: The Performance of Dissociation in the Drama Therapy Relationship
DeAngelis, Jon (2015) Director Says to the Therapist…: Dialoguing a Therapeutic Theatre Performance Through Multiple Roles
Hilt, Lisa (2015) I Don’t Feel Naked: Utilizing Drama Therapy Supervision to Explore the Influence of Client Clothing on Countertransference
Jen, Wanning (2015) Role profiles for Taiwanese students
Lee, Katherine (2015) Drama Therapy and Attachment Theory in Dialogue: The Countertransferential Experience of Surrogacy in the Treatment Space
Lee Soy, Natardia (2015) Illuminating Resistance in Adolescent Girls through a Drama Therapy Performance
Perryman, Ashley (2015) Like a Virgin: A Drama Therapy Exploration of the Role of Virgin and its Subtypes
Wade, Cameron (2015) From Whence I Came: Performing Change in an Addicted Family System
Brathwaite, Karline (2014) ‘Come leh we play mas!: An Exploration of Drama Therapy and TrinYesdian Carnival
Clay, Ida (2104) New Perspective: Drama Therapy and the Stages of Change Model in Recovery from Addictions
Como, Amber (2014) Theatre as Therapy: An Exploration of the Liminal Space between Character and Actor/Client
Dixon, H. Brooke (2014) Revealing the Invisible Healers: How Therapeutic Theatre Could Impact Direct Support Professionals
Finder, Allison (2014) The Long Goodbye of Acute Care: Exploring the Significance of Closure in the Practice of Drama Therapy
Guerrieri, Alexandra Baer (2014) Reflections on Clients with Schizophrenia: A Personal Study of Countertransference for the Drama Therapist
Levanas, Danielle (2014) The Institutionalized Body: An Investigation into the Use of Drama Therapy on a Forensic Psychiatric Unit
Machlowitz, Sheryl (2014) Drama Therapy: Using Role/Method to Illuminate the Non-disabled Sibling
Porst, Anne (2014) Working Through The Role of The Angry Person: A Pragmatic Drama Therapy Case Study
Schwartz, Lisagail (2013) The Lived Experience of Witnessing Therapeutic Theatre
Vicich, Alexandra Devin (2013) Therapeutic Change for Women in Collective Performance
Wu, Yi-Chieh (2011) Under the Mask: Using Performance to Explore the Concept of Self through Drama Therapy
Segall, Jeremy (2010) Celebrity Ego Incognito: The Role of Self as Other in Drama Therapy
Dipasquale, Maryanne (2009) Our Remedies Oft In Ourselves Do Lie or The Use of Group Drama Therapy with Conduct-Disordered Adolescent Males in a Juvenile Correction Facility
Ellaby, Donna (2005) Derek and the Healers: Three Approaches to Drama Therapy
Beauregard, Mark Allen (2004) Drama Therapy in the Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Gender Identity Disorder
Haen, Craig, M. (1999) Recasting the Hero: A Drama Therapy Perspective on Male Gender Roles
Long, Kristin (1998) Drama Therapy with Deaf Adults with Chronic Mental Illness: A Hearing Therapist’s Perspective
Lavner, Sara (1992) The Therapeutic Effects of Humor in Drama Therapy
Doner Tudanger, Gaye (1991) Incorporating the Role of the Bad Girl Into the Role Repertory
Danish, Barbara L. (1987) Catharsis in Drama Therapy: Defining and Recognizing Therapeutic Change

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