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The 60-point course of study includes core courses in art therapy, electives, and internship practicum. Students must complete a final project (thesis) which focuses on clinical research in art therapy. This NYS approved curriculum is also approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).


Art Therapy Courses

Art Therapy – MA, 60 Points

Fall 1:
ARTT-GE.2160 Art for Art Therapists 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2145 Theory and Practice of Art Therapy 3 credits
Psychology Elective 3 credits
Psychology Elective 3 credits
Total: 12 credits

Winter 1:
ARTT-GE 2224 Cultural Diversity in Art Therapy 3 credits
ARTT-GE 2149 Ethical Issues in Art Therapy 2 credits
Total:  4 credits

Spring 1:
ARTT-GE.2033 Art Therapy with Children 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2302 Internship in Art Therapy 3*-4 credits
ARTT-GE.2040 Pictorial Analysis for Assessment and Diagnosis 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2171 Adaptive Techniques in Art Therapy 3 credits
Total: 12*-13 credits

Summer 1:
Psychology Elective 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2302 Internship abroad in art therapy 3* credits
Session I:  ARTT-GE.2241 Seminar: Psychology of the artist 3 credits 
Session II:  ARTT-GE.2302 Internship abroad in art therapy 3* credits
Total: 3*-6 credits


Fall 2:
ARTT-GE.2034 Art Therapy with Adolescents 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2302 Internship in Art Therapy 3*-4 credits
ARTT-GE.2280 Research in Art Therapy 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2032 Art Therapy with Groups 3 credits
Total: 12*-13 credits

Winter 2:
ARTT-GE.2222 Diverse Populations in Art Therapy: Trauma 2 credits
Total: 2 credits

Spring 2:
ARTT-GE.2037 Art Therapy with Adults 3 credits
ARTT-GE.2302 Internship in Art Therapy 3*-4 credits
ARTT-GE.2301 Final Project in Art Therapy 1 credit
ARTT-GE.2170 Clinical Interventions for Specialized Populations 2 credits
ARTT-GE.2036 Family Art Therapy 2 credits
Total: 12*-13 credits

All students must complete a total of 1000 internship hours over the course of the program, for a total of 12 credits. 

Program Total: 60 credits

Asterisk (*) denotes credits for students enrolling in the Summer Internship Abroad in Art Therapy. 

Also Offered:
ARTT-GE 2150 Supervision Techniques in Art Therapy (For Graduates)
ARTT-GE 2010 Introduction to Art Therapy (For Non-Art Therapy Majors)