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two rows of honors students poising with their certificates in front of a blank projector screen.

2022 Honors Students

Media, Culture, and Communication

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication is pleased to recognize its 2022 honors students. These undergraduates completed a yearlong thesis project under the supervision of an MCC faculty member, demonstrating a serious intellectual curiosity about the discipline. Student names and thesis titles are listed here.

Congratulations to the 2022 Media, Culture, and Communication honors students on this singular achievement!

Sydney Bockhorn

They’re Just Going to Think This is a Hick Town

Jean Chen

Fated Adoption: A Failed Attempt to Challenge the TAM with the Health QR Code

Camillia Khamedoost

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit: Girlbossing and Its Shortcomings

Claire Kim

#filmisnotdead: The Resurgence of Analogue Film Photography, Cultural Nostalgia & Digital Escapism

Joey Li

Reinventing Otherness: Food Meets Space at the New Essex Market in New York City

Grace Lim*

The 1985 Daewoo Zemmix: South Korea's Information Age through a Video Game Console

Emily Matute

Resisting Colonial Legacies: South American Indigenous Visual Culture in Digital Spaces

Samantha G O'Donnell

The Gendered Nature of the Cyborg

Eniola Omone Joan Oshiafi

Queering Nollywood: Exploring the Shift in Representation of Queerness in Nollywood Films Spanning Two Decades

Elizabeth Safaryn*

#AbortionActivism: Are Social Media Platforms Really A "Cure-All" for the Pro-Choice Movement?

Ariel Shoulman

The Cost of Convenience: The Intention-Behavior Gap and the Problem of Fast Fashion

Kailtyn Stewart

Our Dystopian Future: Building the Metaverse Based on Science Fiction

Eileen Sun

Looking Through "The Gaze": Cosmetic Advertising and Reversal Celebrity Endorsement

Zoe Tezak

A (Mis)Fired Canon: Examining Mediated Curricular Disputes in America through the Beloved Bill

Sydni Wynter

Not Your Martyr: Media Coverage of Viral Black Death in Post Racial America

* Winner of the Outstanding Thesis Award

MCC Honors Program

The Honors Program prepares and guides Seniors to pursue original, independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.

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